February 8

Strengthened Faith in Gospel Hymn, “He Lives”

Nothing is more reassuring and calming than knowing that Christ continues to heal you as He lives in your heart.

“He Lives” is a Christian gospel song by Alfred Henry Ackley in 1933. The gospel song is still popular today because of its message and impact on most people.

The song is also known as “I Serve a Risen Savior,” the song’s first line.

Meaning Behind the Song

Most people believe that it is through Christ that they can do everything and make things work or possible. Every day we ask Christ for strength and grace to accomplish everyday tasks and struggle, and through Him, we may be sustained for the rest of our lives.

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The hymn “He Lives” talks about Christ’s faith in us. Its meaning is solely based on the word of God written in the scriptures that “it is Christ who lives in us.” And also, through faith, Christ can live in each one’s heart.

“He Lives” is featured in a screen adaptation of Jeanette Winterson’s novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, as church members sing the gospel hymn.

Listen to the song “He Lives” right here.


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