June 20

Atheists and Christians Get Into Heated Discussion over Belief and Religion

Atheists and Christians have a long history of arguments, and religion is one of the most polarizing topics in mankind’s history. People keep on arguing about the existence of God, which religion is right, or which is sinful or not. In this video, we get an in-depth discussion of faith and religion from the perspectives of Atheists and Christians.

Jubilee offers one of the best contents on YouTube right now. They have a Middle Ground category wherein they invite people from two sides to discuss their similarities and differences. On this episode, we will try to see if these group of people will see eye to eye or if they will argue over who is right or wrong.

atheists, christians, discussion
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Atheists and Christians Discuss

The format of the discussion is based on a generic statement that will be said and one must step forward and take a seat if they agree with it. One sample statement from the video was “I believe there is good in every person.” Four of them agreed while the other two disagreed. As the discussion went on, the question of whether there is a higher power that exists was brought up. This is where the conversation gets heated because one of the Christians argued about the difference between Atheists and Agnostics.

atheists, christians
via Screengrab from YouTube

The Atheist in question was arguing back stating that the Christian was imposing his opinion on the matter. The Atheist was very defensive about it stating that it was her own belief and the Christian’s representative does not get to dictate who she is. They were immediately cooled off by their fellow group mates and they moved on to the next topic.

The Conclusion

They wrapped up their discussion with a good understanding. One of the Christian representatives made a powerful statement about the word understanding. He said that understanding takes a lot of effort and sometimes, we are too lazy or too ignorant to even understand someone who shares a different belief from us. At the end of the video, they were asked to say something positive about each other to remove any animosity between them.

atheists, christians
via Screengrab from YouTube

It was an eye-opening discussion between the Atheists and Christians. We got to see both their sides, and the intent of the video is for them to encourage positivity even with opposing views. We could only wish that one day, we will see people loving and understanding one another.


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