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“Deep South” is Josh Turner’s Third Billboard Top Country Album

“Deep South” is Josh Turner’s Third Billboard Top Country Album 1

Josh Turner has already released six studio albums. All of those were successful and certified platinum, but among those six, three reached number one. “Deep South” is his third album to top the country charts. It placed number one on the Billboard Top Country Album charts.

The success of those albums is a proof of how well he is doing in the country music scene. Also, it is proof of his prominence and love from the country music lovers. Perhaps, it’s because of his honky-tonk temperament as well as his whole being as a traditionalist country artist.

Deep South: The Album…

“Deep South” is Josh Turner’s Third Billboard Top Country Album 2

The album “Deep South” is Josh Turner’s sixth studio album. It was released on March 10, 2017, under MCA Nashville. Most critics say that the tracks are favorable. Many gave a thumbs up to Josh Turner as he didn’t attempt to go with trends. Instead, he stuck to his character as a mature country singer.

Moreover, “Deep South” reached number eighteen on the US Billboard 200. On the other hand, the album peaked at number one the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. The album has sold more than 61, 700 copies in the United States and counting.

Deep South: The Single…and Two other Top Charting Singles…

Furthermore, there are eleven tracks under “Deep South.” Among those, two singles topped the country charts. “Hometown Girl” reached number five and “Lay Low” placed at number twenty-eight on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Unfortunately, the single “Deep South” didn’t top the charts. However, the whole album was a massive success placing at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Hometown Girl…

Lay Low…

Other listings include “All about You,” “Beach Bums,” “Southern Drawl,” “Where the Girls Are,” “Never Had a Reason,” “Wonder,” “One Like Mine,” and “Hawaiian Girl.”

“Deep South” is Josh Turner’s Third Billboard Top Country Album 3

Above all, Josh Turner released six albums. First, he published “Long Black Train” in 2003 and the single of the same name became his breakthrough single. Then, “Your Man” was released in 2006. it was the most successful album since it was certified platinum and two singles topped the country charts. His third album entitled “Everything is Fine” was released in 2007. In 2010, he released “Haywire.” “Punching Bag” was released in 2012. Lastly, “Deep South” was released.

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