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LeAnn Rimes’s Solemn And Powerful Rendition of “Amazing Grace”

Amazing Grace - LeAnn Rimes

What better way to feel and deeply reflect on a Christian song than how LeAnn Rimes covered “Amazing Grace”?

The simple yet powerful, heart-touching, and soulful message that “Amazing Grace” gives is about forgiveness, mercy, and the never-ending grace that the Lord shows. Poet John Newton wrote the lyrics, and William Walker provided the melody of the immensely popular Christian hymn. 

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Up to this day, there are already a thousand covers of the hymn. Also, it has been translated into more than 50 languages. Annually, there are almost a million performances of “Amazing Grace,” which makes it the most performed song in the world.

On Rimes’s Version

LeAnn Rimes’s vocals in her acapella version of “Amazing Grace” give you goosebumps right from the start of her first note. The track was released in 1997.

The stability of her voice in her rendition is calming in some way. Rimes delivered the song passionately because you know she puts emotion into her singing when you feel it through the screen. Doing her cover in acapella gives the hymn a more solemn feel because you can pause and reflect thoughts deep within you. 

Her version on YouTube earned some comments about her “powerful and precise, yet gentle and angelic” voice that “pierces the heart in a good way.” Her voice was the “purest,” and the listeners felt God’s grace and presence while tuned in to the song. Others commented on how beautifully made LeAnn’s rendition was and how she did it with feeling.

It is, without a doubt, that by God’s grace, we can do everything. “Amazing Grace” is one of LeAnn Rimes’ songs that can be played while you take your time to talk deeply to the Lord.

Listen to LeAnn Rimes’s version of “Amazing Grace” below.