May 24

Is Hee Haw Coming Back Soon?

Remakes or reboots of movies and TV shows from our heydays are absolutely a gift that keeps on giving. Several TV stations, as well as the streaming landscape, are now embracing the idea that what is old is new again, and it is nothing but nostalgic. In this time filled with so much uncertainty, we can’t help but cling to the good old days.

With that thought in mind, a lot of fans are wondering: is the Hee Haw TV series coming back soon? 

Rumors spread like wildfire that the Roy Clark and Buck Owens-hosted show – which ran for three decades from 1969 to 1997 – will soon be coming back to the airwaves. However, this time it’s going to have a brand-new set of casts with fresh episodes.

The news came after Ryman Hospitality – who owns the rights to the franchise – said that the company is looking at the possibility of bringing back a country music-based variety show after the massive success of the country music drama Nashville. The popular show has even made a significant impact on its namesake city – with Nashville seeing an increase in tourism.

Ryman CEO Colin Reed said they wanted to expand its country-themed offerings and focus on lighter, more entertaining, and hilarious acts. After all, he believes that “humor around country music is a good thing,” 

So, what do you think about a Hee Haw revival? Make sure not to get your hopes up too high as there is no done deal just yet.


Hee Haw

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