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Meet Marie Osmond’s Husband And Get To Know Him Better

Steve Craig or more popularly known as Marie Osmond’s husband, has led quite a mysterious early life. Nothing much was known except for his love of basketball that he turned into a professional career and a successful one at that. In 1982, he married Paper Roses singer Marie Osmond which brought him into the limelight. 

And even then, nothing much was revealed about the man. But here’s what we know about Steve Craig. 

Biography: Life and Career

Stephen Lyle Craig or more commonly known as Steve Craig, was born in 1957. There was no official information regarding his exact birth date but some source details (social media) put it on August 26. He was born in Provo, Utah in a Mormon family. There is no available information about his family or where he attended high school, but he went to Brigham Young University for college. 

Standing 6 foot tall, Steve joined his university’s basketball team. He played there until he was drafted on June 9, 1981 by the Philadelphia Sixers. He was selected in Round 5 and was the 22nd pick. In his entire career, he played a total of 86 games.  

After retiring from his professional basketball career, he became a music producer. Though that did not last long and he shifted to motivational speaking. Now, Steve Craig is a popular motivational speaker and is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. 

Marriage with Marie Osmond: From Vows to Breakup to Second Chances

The Beginning

It is undeniable that Marie Osmond has been a household name after starring in the 1970s TV variety program Donny & Marie alongside her brother Donny Osmond, who is also known as a singer. She also rose to fame with the release of her song Paper Roses in 1973 when she was just 13 years old. 

No one knew how Marie Osmond, a celebrity, crossed paths with Steve Craig who was a pro basketball player back then. The couple just headlined when they married on June 26, 1982 where they shared their vows in front of 4,000 guests at the Salt Lake Temple of the Mormon Church in Utah. 

The two made their home in Los Angeles after getting married. And on April 20, 1983, the couple welcomed their son Stephen James Craig. But after that, Marie came into a crossroad of her life between her career and personal life, a confession she made years later. And so they decided to call it quits after three years of marriage. 

The Breakup

Marie Osmond and her husband Steve Craig announced their divorce in October 1985. In an article published by AP News, Marie Osmond asked for $1 per year alimony for child support as well as custody of their 2-year-old son Stephen. There were also claims of being treated cruelly which caused her great mental distress. 

Aside from that, the one-and-a-half-page divorce complaint also inquired the court on how to divide the couple’s property if Osmond and Craig fail to reach an agreement. Other than that, there were no other elaborations about the divorce. 

The Second Chance

Marie Osmond remarried after her divorce with Steve Craig. In 1986, she wed music producer Brian Blosil and had two children with him and they also adopted five more. But after 21 long years of marriage, the two decided to separate. 

Marie got reconnected with her ex-husband Steve Craig after her separation with Brian Blosil. In 2009, the two started dating again but kept it as a secret as they did not want to hurt anyone if it didn’t work out. They decided to remarry in 2011, just months before their son, Stephen, did with Marie wearing the exact same dress she did the first time in 1982. The two wanted to walk down the aisle with their son as a married couple. 

What is he doing now?

Marie Osmond’s husband is now a granddad and is enjoying his life as a motivational speaker traveling throughout the country. The two are still happily married until today. 


Marie Osmond, Steve Craig

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