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Here Are Kid Rock Songs That Blended Rock and Country Styles Really Well

Kid Rock Songs

Kid Rock is one of those artists you can never put in a box. You can think of any music genre, and the Michigan native has probably recorded a track that would fit into that category. While he has immersed himself more in rock and rap in the past, Kid Rock songs eventually found their way into the country side of the spectrum, as well.

Early 2000 marked the first time Kid Rock made his way into the country music scene – and the country music fans welcomed him with arms wide open. Well, there’s no doubt about that, as there are definitely no other artists who smoothly transitioned from rock to country as he did.

So today, let us go through some of the best Kid Rock songs released in the genre so far.

1. Picture

From: Cocky (2002)

His album Cocky was groundbreaking for his career since it was his first project that could be labeled as country or blues.

It’s also known for yielding Kid Rock’s hit tune “Picture,” a heartbreaking ballad he recorded with Sheryl Crow. The song was a commercial and critical success. It even earned a nomination from the Country Music Association awards in the category of Vocal Event of The Year. 

The success of “Picture” allowed Rock to make a smooth shift into the country music community.

2. All Summer Long

From: Rock n Roll Jesus (2008)

“All Summer Long” proved to be a big hit, topping charts in several countries, including Australia, and six countries across Europe – such as the United Kingdom. In the United States, it crossed over Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, peaking at No. 4. This marked Kid Rock’s first Top 10 country hit.

3. Cold and Empty

From: Kid Rock (2004)

The song – which was a strait-laced piano ballad about losing the woman he loves for being on the road for too long – was co-written by country singer Kenny Chesney. 

It comes with an equally impressive music video that shows two stories – the one with Kid Rock’s current rock star life story while the other shows the artist struggling to make ends meet with his failing music career.

4. Only God Knows Why

From: Devil Without a Cause (1999)

This reflective song finds Kid Rock pondering on the price of fame, like how it’s hard for him to hang out in a crowd now that everybody knows him. The track was country-tinged, which is quite the opposite of the bawdy stadium stompers that defined his sound at the start of his career.

5. Cowboy

From: Devil Without a Cause (1998)

The song – which was a fusion of hip hop, country, southern rock, and heavy metal – was Kid Rock’s first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 82. It is also considered to be one of his best works that greatly influenced modern country music being the first country rap song.

6. Born Free

From: Born Free (2010)

As Kid Rock established his presence in the country music scene, his songwriting started to naturally address traditional country themes – one good example was this track, which subject matter centers on patriotism and the American dream. 

7. Care

From: Born Free (2010)

Kid Rock teamed up with country icon Martina McBride for this song, where they found common ground in sorrow over war, hardship, and other worldly woes. They realized that the least they could do to call forth change was to care. 

McBride’s raspy voice effortlessly added a neutral blend of country and rock into the song.

8. Collide

From: Born Free (2010)

Since their crossover duet “Picture,” Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow have regularly collaborated. They teamed up again for this flirtatious track – where instead of playing parts, the two talented artists dwell in the lyrics and fully embrace the vulnerability that comes from the desire for physical companionship.

9. First Kiss

From: First Kiss (2015)

Co-written by Kid Rock, the nostalgic song hit all the catchphrases essential for a country radio hit – such as the small town, old Cheyenne, Tom Petty on the radio, and of course, young love. The song actually finds Rock reminiscing about first kisses and how he wishes he could go back in time just to love her again.

10. Single Father

From: Kid Rock (2003)

“Single Father” is truly one of Kid Rock’s country masterpieces. Its harrowing lyrics are told from the single dad’s point of view, who often plays part-time mother to his little boy. While it’s too hard to explain, he tells his little boy why there are just two in the family when there should be three.

Here are some more Kid Rock songs out of his eventful career in country music!

Indeed, Kid Rock has provided us with some of the most timeless moments since he broke into the country music scene. So, which of these Kid Rock songs are on top of your list?