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Kid Rock’s Fiery Single “Po-Dunk” and His Run for the Senate Tease

Back in 2017, the rapper turned country star Kid Rock released a fiery single that glorifies the redneck way of life.


“Po-Dunk” was released as the first single-off Rock’s album Sweet Southern Sugar. With his new record deal with BMG/Broken Bow Records, Kid Rock was given much room and freedom in his music which gave him airplay from different radio stations. The four-and-a-half-minute song depicted life in the deepest parts of rural America. This was also a song that modern country fans may approve of.

The music video contained some four-letter words which are prohibited for you to say when Mama is around. Bibles, guns, truck beds, swimming pools, trailer parks, and mud holes are some of the images seen in the film. The song also featured the fusion of swampy, blues-country-rocker combined with a sing-along chorus.

The Kid Rock Campaign

Rumors of Kid Rock to pursue a run for the senate was circulating around prior to the release of “Po-Dunk.” Kid Rock releasing the music video is like him doing his own version of President Trump’s own playbook when it comes to launching a political campaign with lots of smoke and fire. Just like how Pres. Trump entered the realm of politics by having a huge press conference that was out of the ordinary, Rock just did the same with the use of blazing guns.

The song has been written a few years earlier by Nashville songwriters Tony Haselden, John Ozler, and Walker Hayes. But Kid Rock’s own rendition of the song was heavily based on David Shelby’s previous recording. Shelby said that to have Kid Rock record a version of the song was a perfect fit to push the song to a higher level. It was also a good anthem for Kid Rock’s campaign.

More Political Songs

Together with the release of “Po-Dunk,” Kid Rock also released the single “Greatest Show On Earth.” The song was built around the live performances that he has made over his career. It was also released at the right time as the nation has been surrounded by debates of whether his intentions of running for a senate position were true or not.

But this was not enough to clarify things of what he really was doing. Kid Rock followed up the release of the single with a statement on an Instagram post that he was passionate about politics and admitted that he was doing some great marketing for his songs.

Over the years, Rock has been vocal to every bit of issue which involves politics. This was proven true during the 2017 presidential elections where he was an early supporter of now-president Donald Trump. When asked about his support for Trump, Rock said that he would certainly vote for Trump because he had a unique charisma unlike the other candidates.

He also added that no other candidate has brought such a different effect like Trump. This was the reason why Kid Rock’s intentions in running for the senate became a big talk in town, not to mention the efforts he made to help his home town Detroit.

Kid Rock and Politics

But this was all put to silence when it caught the attention of the Federal Elections Commission. The music star was quick in asking for a public apology to the senate stunt that he had done. In 2018, the FEC also dropped their charges against Rock with federal campaign violations following the 2017 “ Kid Rock for US Senate Promotion.”

The FEC agreed with what Kid Rock has claimed to be “an artistic and commercial undertaking.” FEC also cleared Warner Bros. of violating campaign-finance laws after selling “Kid Rock for Senate” merchandise.

Kid Rock explained that this has been the most creative style of promoting the song that he has done over his career. He added that everything was “fun and games” at first until everyone started to take him seriously. This has certainly helped the promotion of his new single “Po-Dunk” where it placed on the top 30 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Even after all those frenzies, Kid Rock’s music video for “Po-Dunk” is still worth seeing as it features the life of rural American duelers.


Kid Rock

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