July 28

Kid Rock Performs Another Bone Chilling New Country Song

Kid Rock is undeniably one of the most versatile artists of our time. That’s because he has probably recorded songs that can belong to any music genre you can think of.

We are all aware that he was originally into making rock and rap music in the past but in the recent years, he transitioned into the country music spectrum.   We can say that he has found a home for himself in the country music community.  Especially, when his songs and collaborations “Picture” and “All Summer Long,” have been smash hits.


Kid Rock Performs Another Bone Chilling New Country Song 1

Although he hails from Michigan, he now resides in Nashville and has fallen in love with country music and the entire state of Tennessee. Recently, Rock has demonstrated that love and passion with his new song debut. This song is a tribute to the state that he now considers home.

His new song “Tennessee Mountaintop,” is a familiar song that he already performed in Charlie Daniel’s 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam last November 2016. His appearance on The Big Interview with Dan Rather last February 14, was revisited.

Rock opted to play his new song in Dan’s living room. With his trusty guitar along with two back up singers, Rock poured his heart out in a very powerful performance like we have never seen him before.

The sound of “Tennessee Mountaintop” is more country than any other so, ng he has ever sung in the past. It is about a man’s tale who dreams of moving to California but it turns out to be different from his expectations. Yet, he finds peace and happiness in beautiful Tennessee.

Something about this performance is so emotional that you need to see it for yourself. It’s evident how much he believes in every word he utters in singing the song.

Tell me if you get goosebumps after watching the video and we’re pretty sure this is gonna be another hit.



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