March 30

Marie Osmond and Steve Craig Found Their Way Back Into Love

Marie Osmond and Steve Craig’s love story started in 1982 in front of 4,000 guests in attendance. Their wedding took place in the Mormon temple where the Paper Roses singer’s parents also married as well as her brother Donny Osmond, so it was extra special for the duo. 

A year later in April, they welcomed their first son Stephen. But life took some rough turns for the two especially for Marie who reportedly was at a crossroad between life and her career. So after just three years of marriage, Marie Osmond and Steve Craig called it quits. While Steve Craig did not remarry after their divorce, Marie did. 

After separating in October 1985, Marie wed her second husband, Brian Blosil, a music producer, in 1986. The couple had two biological children and five adopted, namely Jessica, Rachael, Brianna, Brandon, Matthew, Abigail, and late son Michael Bryan who they lost in suicide in 2010. But after 21 years of marriage, they decided to end it. In March 2007, the couple announced their divorce. 

Though they said that it was no one’s fault, Marie later said in an interview with People that she never wanted to be married again. But it looked like fate had a magical story in store for her that had yet to unfold. 

Marie found herself reconnected to her former flame through their son, Stephen. On another account, she also mentioned that it was her late dad, George Osmond, that allowed her to have the courage to talk to Steve. In an Instagram post, she said that she was grateful that she gave their love a second chance because her husband was just like her dad in so many ways. 

She added that Steve emulated how his dad treated her mom with love. And through that example, she knew that she should never settle less as a woman, and she didn’t. Marie and Steve rekindled their relationship and dated for two years in secret prior to getting remarried in 2011. 

She said that she didn’t want anybody to get hurt if it didn’t work. Fortunately, it all worked out well. The two tied the knot a few months before their son Stephen did because they wanted to walk down the aisle with him as a married couple. 

Marie and Steve vowed to each other again on May 4, 2011 which was a sentimental date for Marie. It was both her late mom Olive and late son Michael’s birthday. She chose that date because she wanted her mother and her son to be with them in spirit. Additionally, she also wore the same wedding dress she wore in 1982, making the event even more memorable. 

Marie Osmond’s husband, who was a former basketball player, shifted to music production before finally becoming a motivational speaker. 

Today, Marie Osmond and Steve Craig are enjoying their time together and she is so happy to be with the love of her life again. In 2019, she revealed that her previous marriage was tough but Steve just sort of put all the pieces back together. Sometimes, a love story just needs a second chance to work its magic. 



Marie Osmond, Steve Craig

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