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Country Music Hitmaker Luke Bryan Reflects On Raising Nephew Til

Luke Bryan on Raising Nephew Til

Last year, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer bid an emotional goodbye to their nephew and adopted kid Tilden Cheshire also known as Til, as he left for college. Caroline announced the news through an Instagram post where 18-year-old Til locked her in an embrace after dropping him off at a college in Georgia. In the comments section, Bryan also mentioned how he always looked if his truck was parked next to his. 

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In 2007, the Bryan family suffered an unexpected loss with the passing of Luke’s sister Kelly. She was home with her then 3-year-old Til when she died, and no one could point out the exact cause of her death. Til, along with his older sisters Jordan and Chris, were raised by their father Ben Lee Cheshire, until he died in 2014. 

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline did not have to talk or even think about it. They just simply adopted the three siblings and raised them like their own. Jordan and Kris were soon heading to college and living on their own. On the other hand, Til would still need to stay with Luke and Caroline. 

According to Luke Bryan, having Til with him did a fast-forward on his parenting skills. Til was already a teen back then and Luke Bryan’s kids Bo and Tate were only 6 and 4 years old. The main thing with Til was that Luke just wanted to give him the proper amount of advice and acknowledge that he was talking to someone turning into an adult. He wanted to be his parent but at the same time a friend. 

He also shared how there was a shift in roles when Til came in. Before, Bo was the alpha male and Til was the baby of the family, but they had to switch roles. But it was amazing how the two were doing so well with that sort of social experiment. 

There were also a number of benefits with the new union like his younger kids becoming better athletes with Til. When he would come home, he would see Bo and Tate throwing the baseball a little farther and they’re also hitting the ball a bit harder. Luke also mentioned that he can’t wrestle with Til anymore since he can throw him around pretty good. 

Aside from the sports, Bo and Tate learn all their dances from Til, like the popular Dab and Nae Nae. He would often see them doing that dance whenever they score a touchdown. But Luke, who was also known for some signature dance moves, said that he wouldn’t be adding those to his stage performances. He said that he was trying not to learn those things and spiral into a more uncool dad image. 

Through the years, Luke and his wife have shared highlights from Til with fans like they do with all their other kids. Last May 2020, he posted several photos to commemorate Til’s graduation from high school. And in July of the same year, Til posted pictures of him and his uncle and best friend as a tribute for his 44th birthday.