January 9

Turning Memories into Ashes on Parker McCollum’s “Hell of A Year”

There is almost certainly no song by Parker McCollum that can be described as awful. And country fans went berserk when he released another gem, “Hell of a Year,” under his album Probably Wrong in 2017.

This is one of those songs perfect for playing on New Year’s Eve while we reminisce on the previous year. It was a tremendous hit for many people, including Parker McCollum fans.

That is why it is considered one of the most popular country songs of the twenty-first century. But, if you’re wondering, what is the song’s true meaning? So here it is.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Have you ever heard the adage that great songs are composed in the most unexpected places? Parker McCollum describes his experience creating his song “Hell of a Year,” and that’s precisely what occurred.

In an interview with country music influencer and talk show presenter Bobby Bones, he confessed that he penned one of his best-known songs while driving through the Whataburger drive-thru.

But the message behind the song is what made it so famous, not where he composed it. The song is about having a hell of a year. The song’s narrator recounted his grief when his sweetheart abandoned him, leaving him with no love to feel.

And the only way for him to truly move on is to burn all his feelings away and turn them to ashes. It’ll be painful, but it’s the only way he’ll get through the hell of a year.

As a result, you should absolutely watch Parker McCollum’s music video for “Hell of a Year” by clicking the link below.


Parker McCollum

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