July 17

Chris Young Delivers a Great Song About “Forgiveness” and Understanding

Chris Young‘s recently released song “Drowning” is an emotional track. While searching for other songs, I’ve found “Forgiveness.” It is about forgiving and understanding each other in times of darkness.

Let us reflect on this one and see what we can learn from his track.

chris young, drowning, forgiveness
via Chris Young’s official Facebook Page

Chris Young’s “Forgiveness”

The strong lyrics from the song made Chris Young do a recording of it. He relates to it because of the message and that was what his brand of music is. The song was from his 2013 album A.M., where it garnered positive reviews from critics because of the beautiful message behind each track.

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It was also because of how emotional the country singer performed the songs. The singer showed his vocal prowess in all his songs. The album really made Chris Young into one of the promising country artists of today.

chris young, forgiveness
via Chris Young’s Official Facebook page

The Power of Understanding

Understanding is a different word from agreeing. You may understand someone but that does not guarantee that you agree with them. On the brighter side, understanding the rationale behind someone’s action is the first step to having empathy. Once we gained that ‘empathy’, it would be easier for us to forgive someone.

This is where we emphasize the power of understanding. Time will pass and we will have to forgive someone because there is no use of holding a grudge towards a person. It is a toxic state and the feeling of hatred will only destroy us from the inside. It takes so much growth and maturity to be understanding of someone’s needs because sometimes you have to forsake your own beliefs, but if we are able to do it, then the world might be a better place.

Listen to this inspiring song here:

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