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25 Country Songs About Forgiveness, Second Chances, Moving On, and Letting Go

25 songs about forgiveness

Several things in life can easily cause resentment to take root in our hearts – like when you are wronged by someone or betrayed in any way. Sometimes, choosing to let go of the past and start to heal again becomes an unimaginable, challenging task to do. If you ever find yourself faced with such a dilemma, then you can try listening to various country songs about forgiveness and be inspired by them.

Remember that the decision to forgive ultimately leads to a happier and more fulfilling life. It will create a space in your mind and heart for genuine happiness. Being able to forgive is one of the healthiest emotions in the world.

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So, if you wonder where to begin your compassion journey, here are country songs about forgiveness to inspire you to forgive and move ahead in life.

1. Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn

This song is one of the most powerful, heartfelt country songs about forgiveness. The song was Ronnie Dunn’s first solo release after Brooks & Dunn disbanded in 2010 – and the first time he listened to it, it knocked him out.

 “Bleed Red” sings about how we should forgive each other before it’s too late. It’s a great reminder to let go of anger and that fighting is only a waste of our time. After all, we are all the same.

2. I Still Believe in You by Vince Gill 

Vince Gill definitely got one of the most classic country songs about seeking forgiveness. The apologetic ballad finds him apologizing to his wife for being self-centered and not spending enough time with her. He’s asking her to give him a chance, and he’ll make it up to her.

Gill revealed he wrote “I Still Believe in You” when he and his first wife, Janis Oliver, were going through a rough patch in their marriage.

3. A Man Don’t Have To Die by Brad Paisley

Country songs about the struggle to forgive, especially with oneself, are one of the heart-tugging tracks in the genre.

 “A Man Don’t Have To Die” was written by country singer Josh Thompson. He said he took inspiration from real life’s loud preachers, who often point out that perhaps your way of living isn’t right. Sadly, plenty of people are already going through a hard time and no longer need anybody to tell them they can look forward to going to hell when they die as they’re already living it.

4. Let’s Be Us Again by Lonestar

If you’re looking for some country songs about finding forgiveness after a breakup, then in that case, you’d surely love Lonestar’s “Let’s Be Us Again.” The song tells the story of a man who has done some hurtful things in his relationship that made his lover cry. However, he later realized that he couldn’t afford to lose her. So, he reached out to her, asking her to open her heart and let him come back into her life.

5. Wanted by Alan Jackson 

Alan Jackson’s catalog includes great country songs about starting over, such as this 1989 country hit “Wanted.”

In the song, Jackson found himself placing a classified ad as he’s looking for a “one good-hearted woman” – who apparently was his old lover – that would forgive his imperfection. The ad was also his way of telling her how much he still loves her. He can’t help but hope his message will reach her as she means everything to him.

6. Help Me Hold On by Travis Tritt

Here’s a song that got one man confessing his mistakes and begging his lover not to abandon him. Released as the second single off Travis Tritt’s debut album, Country Club, “Help Me Hold On” find Tritt asking his woman to help him understand where he went wrong and hold on to their love that once was strong. 

7. Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson

“Always on My Mind” was about “one long apology,” said Wayne Carson, who co-wrote the song with Johnny Christopher and Mark James. It tells the story of a man who admits he didn’t love and treat his woman right quite as often as he could have. But now, he has realized and is asking her for one more chance. It’s indeed a message that transcends genre.

8. Back to December by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” is absolutely one of the greatest country songs about the importance of forgiveness in relationships. In the song, Swift could only move on from the past by apologizing for how she messed up a relationship with a forever boyfriend.

9. I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

While some may think this is a love song, it’s actually not. Parton wrote the powerful ballad for her close friend and mentor, country star Porter Wagoner, who felt that Parton was making a mistake by breaking up their partnership. This song won Parton Female Vocalist of the Year at the 1975 CMA Awards.

10. Another Try by Josh Turner featuring Trisha Yearwood

“Another Try” is one of the most heartfelt apology songs in country music. It tells the story of a man expressing his desire to reverse his past mistakes – such as hiding his emotions – just to bring back his lover who has left him. If love gives him another try, this time, he will never let her go.

11. Bringing Back The Sunshine by Blake Shelton

Here’s one of the sincerest country songs about second chances that prove that love knows a way back. In the song, a couple got a little off track but eventually found their way back in each other arms. Now, they’re ready to put things behind them, forget about past mistakes, and start rocking again.

12. Come a Little Closer by Dierks Bentley

Country songs about reconciliation definitely know how to make our hearts flutter. Take, for instance, Dierks Bentley’s country hit in 2005, which got him working things out with his woman. They are now ready to let go of everything that stands between them and love like they used to know. After all, there’s nothing love can’t fix.

13. Let’s Kiss And Make Up by Shania Twain

Shania Twain definitely knows what it takes to make one of the best country songs about the healing power of forgiveness. This song is a great reminder that whatever comes your relationship’s way, it’s best to sit down and talk it over. Every lover has no reason to wait another minute to “kiss and make up.”

14. Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler definitely got one of the hilarious country songs about forgiving a cheating partner. This up-tempo ballad finds the singer wishing her former boyfriend – who cheated on her and is about to get married to his new lover – a happy and nice life. However, the singer feels sorry for his new partner. In the end, a cheater will always be a cheater.

15. Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart by Randy Travis

When Randy Travis released “Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart” in 1990, it became the first song to spend four weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in twelve years. It’s no surprise as many relate to its message being one of the most heartbreaking country songs about asking for forgiveness.

16. Heart Of The World by Lady A 

Here’s one of the most heartwarming country songs about finding peace through forgiveness. The piano-driven ballad is a great reminder that forgiveness is the road to redemption and that love is the “heart of the world.” It’s absolutely a sweeping ballad by Lady A – written by renowned songwriters Tom Douglas and Travis Hill – about caring for the world.

17. Three Nails And A Cross by George Strait

George Strait has definitely written one of the most spine-chilling country songs about forgiveness and redemption. Forgiving someone who has truly hurt us may be one of the hardest we will ever have to do, but this song reminds us that God pardons our sins by His grace – so, how dare a man not forgive? 

18. If I Give My Soul by Johnny Cash

Here’s one of the classic forgiving country ballads by Johnny Cash that will surely move your heart. This song tells the story of a father who lost his dreams and was left alone by his family after alcohol started to consume him. He knows that he did something terrible – so he came in search of Jesus, hoping he would understand.

19. I’m Sorry by John Denver

John Denver’s “I’m Sorry” is an apology for forsaken love. He released the song in 1975, and it was an immediate hit – ranking No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, and Billboard Hot 100. This song was Denver’s final No. 1 pop hit released during his career. 

20. Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette

Throughout the years, “Stand by Your Man” has been Tammy Wynette’s signature song. While the feminist movement often criticizes the touching ballad, the singer defended it, saying that it’s not a call for women to place themselves second to men but instead a suggestion for women to overlook their husband’s shortcomings and faults.

21. I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts

Here’s one of the most inspiring country songs about moving forward and forgiving oneself. The song tells the story of a man with a regretful past who decided to move on. He finally sees how life has been patiently waiting for him. So, he moved out of town and hoped that “forgiveness would find him somewhere down this road.”

22. I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is absolutely one of the best songwriters of his time – and he showcased his skills in “I Was Wrong.” The song tells the story of a man finally coming to his senses as he finally admits just how much he has done wrong and hurt the woman he loves. Now, he’s taking back all the spiteful things he said and hoping he’d accept him in her life again.

23. Forgiving You Was Easy by Willie Nelson

For Willie Nelson, forgiving was easy, but “forgetting seems to take the longest time.” While he believes that forgiving is the only way he will find peace of mind, he is having a hard time forgetting the moments they’ve spent together. What’s even worse is that “the bitter fruit of anger” had now grown from “the seeds of jealousy” when she said another man was on her mind.

24. Forgiveness by Chris Young

Chris Young finds himself begging for “Forgiveness.” In the song, the singer has found quite a few things – except for the peace and forgiveness he’s been needing so desperately. Unfortunately, it’s been in the one place he can’t get to, and that’s with the woman he has truly, deeply hurt.

25. Bread And Water by Vince Gill

Vince Gill has written some of the best Christian country songs about forgiveness, and this includes the poignant track “Bread And Water.” The song tells the story of a seemingly homeless man looking for food – only to find a lot more, such as how Jesus’ forgiveness can soothe anyone’s aching soul.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this list of country songs about forgiveness which helps you let go of whatever resentment is in your heart. Remember, forgiveness releases pain and leads to greater well-being.

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