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Travis Tritt’s 1st No. 1 Hit: “Help Me Hold On”

Many-a-time we want to talk about our loved ones. How we met them, how we came to know and loved them… And there comes a time when all you just want to do is to share your love story with the world. No judgments. No comments. No feedbacks. Just plain, simple you telling them how your love story started and so on. You feel that with every word you speak, you are inspiring someone. And you feel that every period of a sentence you finish, you are expecting ears ready to listen. What a concept for you to tell it is.

However, let’s try to get the ball rolling, and turn the world upside down. Let us flip the coin and get to the other side of the story. What if all of that love story you’ve been talking about starts fading? And what if one of you starts losing his/her love for the other? Would you easily set the other free or still hold on with one another?

Easier said than done, many people could easily answer the question but would stumble on the situation. Hard but true, we do commit to things easily without pondering if things get complicated. Well, that’s what love is. No one can choose his/her own love story to tell. Nonetheless, no matter what situation one may go through, he/she still learns a lesson be it good or bad.

Music has a way of expressing such thoughts. Country music, to be specific, caters to this, too. There are songs that appeal to this kind of story, and one of these is Travis Tritt’s music.

Travis Tritt's 1st No. 1 Hit: "Help Me Hold On" 1
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The thing about Travis Tritt‘s songs is its ballad, mellow, and emotional tone. His music digs deep into everyone’s emotions and pierces through one’s heart. “Anymore,” “Best of Intentions,” and “Help Me Hold On” are just some of these heart-touching songs. “Help Me Hold On” is the best example that talks about what was earlier stated in this article.

The song is a ballad talking about a failing relationship. It is the story of a man pleading with his love to stay with him. The man then tells his lover to continue with their love and asks her to help him hold on…

Song Facts

Released in February 1990, “Help Me Hold On” is a country ballad performed by American country music artist Travis Tritt. Tritt co-wrote the song with a friend, Pat Terry. In addition, it was the second single from Country Club, his debut album.

Interestingly, “Help Me Hold On” peaked at no. 1 in both the United States and Canada. It became Travis Tritt’s first number-one hit. At the end of 1990, it reached no. 8 on Billboard Country Songs and no. 5 on Canada RPM Country Tracks.

Watch the video below as Travis Tritt performs “Help Me Hold On” live.

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Help Me Hold On, Travis Tritt

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