October 23

Travis Tritt’s Popular Version of “It’s A Great Day to be Alive”


Travis Tritt is a two-time Grammy winner with countless hits during the span of his career. He started his career back in 1989 when he signed up with Warner Bros. Records, which is a huge recording label. In the span of his career, one of the songs that his fans remember the most is “It’s A Great Day to be Alive.” It is quite ironic since this was only a cover and not originally recorded by Travis.

Travis Tritt’s Cover of a Jon Randall Song

When hearing this inspirational song, one would automatically remember Travis Tritt. However, this was not originally his recording as it was from another country musician named Jon Randall. Darrell Scott released his original version back in 1997 under his album Aloha from Nashville. Three years later, it was picked up by Travis and really made the song popular.

It reached No. 2 on the Billboard Country chart and at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was a cross-over hit as many people enjoyed the way he performed it and the message behind the song.

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Lyrics Breakdown

And it’s a great day to be alive
I know the sun’s still shining

We should always think of every day as God’s blessing. This will make us appreciate the everyday things that we do and we see. We will be living a great life if we are happy and have a positive outlook on life. Just as the song suggests, the sun will be shining and all of our problems will be of yesterday. If the problem persists, we have another chance to solve it but now.

Life is all about perspective and how we look at everything that is thrown our way. If we focus on the negative stuff that we see, we will never really be happy. It helps that we appreciate all the good things in life because it will motivate us to do more and be more. That is what the song tries to impart to the listeners.

Listen to this Travis Tritt’s version here:


It's a Great Day to Be Alive, Travis Tritt

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