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Vince Gill’s “I Still Believe In You”: Proving The Love

Vince Gill’s “I Still Believe In You”: Proving The Love 1

Everybody needs the time of their partner because the time they entered and agreed to have the commitment, it only means that both should have abundant and true love. Not only the love but as well as the ample time for each other. The best spice for a longer relationship would be “time” and communication. This is exactly what Vince Gill’s definition of his song “I Still Believe In You”. Simply another chance of proving someone’s intention for a happier, extensive, and utmost affection of love.

The Interpretation And The Lyrics…

The storyteller apologizes to his romantic partner for being selfish and not spending enough time with her and vows to make it up to her.

Furthermore, the man is asking for a chance to express and to show his love again. Also, the man doesn’t have time so the woman is his last priority. With this, he realizes that it’s time for him to patch things up and reposition his status for the one he loves. And, he still believes that their love for each other can be strengthened.

Everybody wants a little piece of my time
But still I put you at the end of the line
How it breaks my heart to cause you this pain
To see the tears you cry fallin’ like rain

Give me the chance to prove
And I’ll make it up to you

I still believe in you
With a love that will always be
Standing so strong and true
Baby I still believe in you and me

Somewhere along the way, I guess I just lost track
Only thinkin’ of myself never lookin’ back
For all the times I’ve hurt you, I apologize
I’m sorry it took so long to finally realize

Give me the chance to prove
That nothing’s worth losing you

I still believe in you
With a love that will always be
Standing so strong and true
Baby I still believe in you and me

A Li’l Facts ‘Bout The Song…

John Barlow Jarvis and Vince Gill, himself, wrote the song as part of his album “I Still Believe In You”. Moreover, the song was a huge success in 1992 so it was embraced by the country music enthusiasts. In fact, it topped the country charts while wiping out the other great country artists.

On September 5 to September 12, 1992, the song topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It surpassed the other country artists and their songs. They were Lee Roy Parnell with his song “What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am” which placed at No.2. Also, “I’ll Think Of Something” by Mark Chesnutt at No.3. Tracey Lawrence’s “Runnin’ Behind” at No.4 and “Could Have Been Me” by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Due to its vast accomplishment, some artists covered the song and made their renditions. Particularly, by Jazz artist Warren Hill featuring singer Mitch Malloy in 1993. Also, the English rock band Bad Company on their 1996 CD Stories Told and Untold with Robert Hart on lead vocals.

According to Billboard magazine, “I Still Believe In You” was a pristine ballad incorporated by one of the country’s most refined vocalists. In addition, the delivery and the production were strong enough to pull on the ears of other formats.

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