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Ronnie Dunn Spreads the Spirit of Forgiveness in “Bleed Red”

Ronnie Dunn Spreads the Spirit of Forgiveness in "Bleed Red" 1
Ronnie Dunn’s “Bleed Red” Album Cover (Photo by

“It sounded like U2, and I’m going, ‘Okay, so what if Conway Twitty were to come in and put a vocal on this anyway and cut the song?’ So that’s what we did.” – Ronnie Dunn

We all bleed red,
We all taste rain,
All fall down,
Lose our way,
We all say words we regret,
We all cry tears, we all bleed red

The first song Ronnie Dunn released is the very powerful hit “Bleed Red,” and it is a plain and simple song about forgiveness. His voice really delivers this powerful message like no other in the business.

But all of that stuff aside, the best part about “Bleed Red” is the vocal performance by Ronnie Dunn. There is nothing supremely challenging about how the singing part is structured in this song, or where the register resides. Ronnie makes it challenging nonetheless by voluntarily weighing every word down with such deep, authentic emotion. His voice is where this song goes from cheesy to meaty.  A few could sit back and see the bead of sweat forming across his brow, the red face, and not feel raised hairs as he bellows this song out straight from the soul, and accuse him of pandering or playing a part.

In 2010, Brooks & Dunn went their separate ways after twenty years together being, perhaps, the most successful group or duo in country music history. They stormed on the scene in the early ’90s with rocking country that really changed the direction of things for a while. They duo had a great run of success with both singers taking leads early on while Ronnie seemed to be more apt to sing lead later on.

Ronnie Dunn Spreads the Spirit of Forgiveness in "Bleed Red" 2
Ronnie Dunn (Photo by

On Equality and Forgiveness


“We all bleed red, we all taste rain, all fall down, lose our way.”

This is a big statement, in the end, we all will bleed red, we all taste the same rain, snow, feel the sun on our skins. In the end, we all die, so how does it make a difference what skin color we are, or what sexuality we are. In the end, we all bleed red.


We all make mistakes. So when we learn to forgive others, we can also seek forgiveness when we commit follies. Also, if we are able to forgive others, we learn to forgive ourselves in situations of self-guilt. Thus, the virtue of forgiveness helps us come out of the feeling of self blame. If we fail to forgive ourselves in time, we often end up realizing that others had forgiven us long back, but we kept feeling bad about ourselves all this time.

Bleed Red” isn’t just a song, it is a performance; a feat of emotional expression. And foremost, it is a reminder. The official video for “Bleed Red” was excellently produced, but this live version seems to capture the right vibe. Take time to reflect with this video:

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Bleed Red, Ronnie Dunn

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