August 24

Josh Turner’s Son Hampton Takes a Different Path in Music

Biologically speaking, inheriting traits from your parents is something common and all of us expects to have at least one. Blonde hair, perky nose and all physical traits are something that can definitely be passed by parents to children. In rare instances, they could also inherit their parents’ love for music like what happened to Hampton, Josh Turner’s oldest son who, in his tender age, saw his great potential for jazz.

Hampton’s Called to Jazz, Not Country

Honestly speaking, Josh Tuner said that he wasn’t really that crazy about jazz, like that green pea in your plate you know was there but didn’t really care for and ate it. But as he observes his son growing up, he wouldn’t see him crack up the TV to watch some cartoons. Instead, Hampton would turn the channel early in the morning to listen to some smooth jazz. Turner said that if ever his son pursues music, he would go for it and support him. He sees potential in his son but not really in the country music that he specializes in. 

Josh Turner, however, is not without experience on jazz. His gospel album ‘I Serve a Savior’ is actually co-written by a jazz enthusiast who played a significant contribution in his song ‘The River,’ but some fans prefer to call it ‘The River of Happiness’. 

Not Crazy About Jazz

Turner’s latest album, ‘Country State of Mind’ which he released just this 21st of August didn’t really contain the music genre Hampton cares about. The 12-track album has a country-centrist feel where Turner pays respect to some of his heroes in the vast world of country music like Randy Travis, John Anderson, Johnny Cash, Vern Gosdin and Hank Williams.

Turner said that if ever he was on a plane and needed some music while reading his book, he may actually consider playing songs of Miles Davis or someone from the jazz industry to set the mood. He said that it’s the only the time where he would play it though, unlike Hampton who is crazy about Jazz, and one who has to listen to Wes Montgomery and George Benson just to make his day.


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