Lainey Wilson's Butt


Riley Johnson


April 2, 2024


April 2, 2024


April 2, 2024

We – and we think we speak for everyone else – like Lainey Wilson’s butt, and we cannot lie. 

Country singer Lainey Wilson welcomed 2023 with new fans, all thanks to a viral video of her and her casually amazing ass in curve-accentuating leopard-print flare bottoms. It looked like she caught their attention with her booty, but they stuck around for her music. But as Wilson said, “However you found me, I’m happy!” And for whatever reason that they stayed, she didn’t really mind – as long as they did.

Who is Lainey Wilson?

Lainey Wilson’s booty is just one in the long list of interesting things about her. 

Wilson may sound like a new name in country music, but she has been in the industry for quite some time. To be specific, she had been in it for 11 years before she earned her well-deserved success. She had her first paid gig at the age of 9, singing at the grand opening of a convenience store in her hometown of Baskin, Louisiana. A decade later, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in a 20-foot bumper-pull camper trailer. For years, she called it her home as she sang in bars and relentlessly knocked on doors. And it wasn’t until 2018 that she signed a record deal. 

A year after signing, her songs started to gain traction after getting featured on the popular TV drama Yellowstone. And then she landed her first number-one radio hit in 2021 with the poignant ballad “Things a Man Oughta Know.” The track was released in 2020, and it took a year for it to hit its peak. Nevertheless, it did. 

And then, she got her momentum going. She hit another one with her Cole Swindell duet “Never Say Never” and nabbed two more chart-toppers with “Heart Like a Truck” and her HARDY collaboration “wait in the truck.” Fast forward to the 2023 CMA Awards, she led with a record-breaking nine nominations and went home with five wins, including the highly-coveted Entertainer of the Year. If that wasn’t enough, she welcomed 2024 with her first-ever Grammy win for Best Country Album. 

In addition to her musical achievements, she made her acting debut in Season 5 of Yellowstone as Abby

Lainey Wilson Viral Butt Video 

But Lainey Wilson’s butt decided to steal all of that spotlight. 

In December 2022, TikTok user Caitlin Carroll @caittybear posted a video of Wilson performing at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. But instead of her performance of her number-one hit “Things a Man Oughta Know,” it was what she called her “fat butt” that got everyone obsessed. As of writing, Lainey Wilson’s butt was viewed 9.6 million times, with 850,000 likes and 71,000 saves. 

@caittybear Didn’t want to be a gatekeeper of my Lainey view. #fyp #northcarolina #laineywilson ♬ original sound – Caitlin

The comments section had a range of reactions, too – from chill compliments like “She is beautiful and has it going on in all aspects” and “Finally someone who has a woman’s body!!” to wild and spicy – but, in general, all were positive and supportive. A TikTok user (@caesarstrings) wrote, “Truly the Dolly of our generation, just the backyard instead of the front 😂🙌🔥.” Another (@d_hennessy82) said, “I’m on season 3 of this video.”

And in case you’re wondering, Wilson saw it, too. In fact, she posted on Instagram about it. She said she couldn’t scroll on her “For You” page (FYP) on TikTok without seeing what she called her “fat butt.” She then went wide-eyed, but she was cool with it because, as she noted, “Whatever brings the people in!”

A New Flex

Lainey Wilson’s butt didn’t just throw attention toward her and her music. It also inspired a cheeky trend of body-positive videos. In the clips, women like her, who had a dump of a backside, posted themselves wearing their flare-bottom jeans and celebrating their booties to the tune of her hit song (and we already mentioned one of our favorite tunes), “Heart Like a Truck.” 

One TikTok user wrote in her video, “Did Lainey Wilson just turn my biggest insecurity into my biggest flex?” Another one said, “My biggest flex is I’m built like Lainey Wilson.” And Lainey Wilson’s response was a New Year’s resolution to maintain her big ass so more people can kiss it. 

Lainey Wilson’s butt seems to be only getting bigger and her career more prominent. This viral video seems like it’s just a manifestation of her future. 


Lainey Wilson



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