“Always on My Mind” is a well-known, frequently covered, genre-bending song written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson in 1970. The best-known version in the world of country music was recorded by Willie Nelson in 1982. Before Nelson covered the song and before the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley sang his heart to the tune, it was first recorded by B.J. Thomas in 1970.

always on my mind willie nelson b.j. thomas

B.J Thomas was the first to record the song “Always on My Mind.” Photo via bbc.co.uk

Unfortunately, the song was never associated with him because he never released it. Thomas only recorded the song, which is why he is not considered to be the original artist of the song. It was first released by Gwen McCrae in 1972. She released her version with the title “You Were Always on My Mind.” Out of all the known covers, which one do you like the most? Let’s take a look at them.

B.J. Thomas

The original version of “Always on My Mind.” It is incorporated with more instruments than the country version of Nelson.

Willie Nelson’s Grammy-award Winning Version

Nelson’s version stood out among all of the other versions when he topped both the US and Canadian chart. In addition to that, Nelson’s rendition has won three awards from the prestigious awarding body, Grammy. He won the Best Male Country Vocal Performance while the songwriters won Song of the Year and Best Country Song.

Catch Nelson’s award-winning and top-performing “Always on My Mind.”

Brenda Lee

Aside from Nelson, American singer Brenda Lee released the song the same time McCrae did, but Lee was able to chart her version.

Elvis Presley

Presley also joined in and recorded the song. He made his version reach the top 20 of the US country chart while also making his rendition enter other charts outside of the US. His single was recorded a few weeks after he and Priscilla Presley separated (1972).

Check out Presley’s version of the song. He might have sung it with pure pain from his broken heart.

Whose version do you like the best?