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August 8, 2020


August 8, 2020


August 8, 2020

Cassadee Pope built her country music career behind hits like “Wasting All The Tears” and “Think of You.” After releasing her most recent album “Rise and Shine” on Friday (August 7), let us catch up to one of the brightest stars in country music today.

Going Personal

“Rise and Shine” had much of a personal touch from Pope. Unlike her previous albums, Pope co-produced, with guitarist and producer Todd Lombardo, and co-wrote all eight tracks featured in the album. 

With the community health standards that different states have implemented, Pope was able to polish all of her songs in just two days and was able to communicate with Lombrade with the use of FaceTime which helped them finish the project on time. 

However, Pope was honest in sharing her experience producing a new album during this downtime. The country singer was used to releasing new projects and songs alongside her scheduled tour. Unfortunately, she would not be able to do that this time. Thankfully, an amazing team helped her find a way through a new form of releasing new music.

“So it’s weird, but it’s been fun to navigate,” says Cassadee Pope.

Going Acoustic

Cassadee Pope’s newest album did not just take on a personal touch but it was also her first acoustic collection. However, why did she settle for an acoustic collection? The answer is simple. For Pope, our current situation unleashed her creative side. Pope sees each person as being in an “acoustic state” because we all have more time to do reflection than ever before. The release of her project gave us a perfect image of the situation we’re in today.

“Rise and Shine”

Believe it or not, an album’s title involves much work than you ever thought. For Pope, “Rise and Shine” is a statement of one’s resilience in times of trouble. It also sums up Pope’s life story of failing and experiencing break ups, but eventually, she found a way to rise in both her love and career life. 


It was not the first time for Cassadee Pope to co-wrote several songs in a project. The same goes for the production part. Because she clearly had a direction in mind and she knew the style she wanted to go to, it’s not tough for Pope to personally write her singles and co-produce her albums.


Cassadee Pope



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