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Charming Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline Boyer Makes Her Man the Happiest on Earth


Fun Fact: Did you know that Caroline, Luke Bryan’s wife, starred in several of Luke’s music videos? See “Crash My Party”, “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.“

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer

Luke Bryan met his wife Caroline Boyer in 1990 when they were both still in college. As a couple, they have shared several ups and downs. They even did break-up during the early stage of their relationship. Thanks to a nerve-racking Christmas dinner, the couple realized that they were both made for each other. It was evident then that their relationship was built on a solid foundation.

They have now been married for thirteen years and have been blessed with five children.

Charming Luke Bryan's Wife, Caroline Boyer Makes Her Man the Happiest on Earth 1
source: Luke Bryan (FB, official)

How They Met

Luke and Caroline first met at a bar named “Magee’s in Statesboro” in Georgia. The two started dating but for some reason, decided to part ways. After five and a half years, Luke and Caroline decided to get back together. Since then, the two got each other’s back.

When asked how their relationship began, Luke said that it took him eight seconds to know that the two of them were meant to be together. As for Caroline, it took her eight years to realize the same.

Luke was three years older than Caroline. As they have careers to pursue, the two stopped seeing each other. Luke moved to Nashville while Caroline finished her degree. But the tides of life seemed to turn in their favor when they found themselves in the same town at the same time.

How They Made-up

Luke was playing in a little town in Statesboro where he saw Caroline. They shared small talks and e-mails. Caroline then invited Luke to their family’s Christmas dinner. It was on that momentous evening that their relationship was sealed for life.

Caroline said that when she saw Luke, she was nervous. Luke has always been a gentleman and that he would never cross the line to make a girl feel uncomfortable. Caroline did the first move and kiss Luke first. After that kiss, the couple has never again been separated from each other.

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Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline suits her hubby’s quirks best.
source: Luke Bryan (FB, official)

Marriage and Children

Luke proposed during one of their dinner dates. The couple married on December 8, 2006, in Turks and Caicos and enjoyed their honeymoon in the Colorado Mountains.

In March 2008, the couple became parents to their firstborn, Thomas Boyer Bryan. Two years later, they welcomed their second child, Tatum Christopher Bryan.

Luke would, later on, adopt his nieces Jordan and Kris, and nephew, Til. They were left orphaned after Ben, Luke’s brother in law, passed away followed by the unexpected death of his sister seven years later.

Luke didn’t hide the truth that his marriage to Caroline was not without friction. They have had fights and arguments which isn’t uncommon in marriages. Nevertheless, Luke said that at the end of the day, he and Caroline would acknowledge that they’re a work in progress. That principle was enough reason for them to accept their differences and to just enjoy life together.

Charming Luke Bryan's Wife, Caroline Boyer Makes Her Man the Happiest on Earth 3
source: Luke Bryan (FB, official)

Their End Goal

Luke and Caroline have this end goal of becoming role models to their children when it comes to marriage. They want their children to want what they have. That just as their mom and dad were so much in love and enjoy each other’s company, so should their future marriages.

So what are great takeaways from Luke and Caroline’s love story? That marriage takes hard work and that separation must never be an option when things get ugly between you and your partner. And like Luke and Caroline, find out what your common interests are and have fun together.

Charming Luke Bryan's Wife, Caroline Boyer Makes Her Man the Happiest on Earth 4
source: Luke Bryan (FB, official)



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