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Why Is Miranda Lambert’s “Settling Down” Different From Her Other Songs?

Miranda Lambert’s “Settling Down” is a song that marks some first times for the country star. More so, fans noticed how her present life is highly reflected in its up-tempo melody and country-homey lyrics. They even took notes on what is different on this track.

New Side of Miranda Lambert

“Settling Down” by Miranda Lambert is unlike the mediocre stuff the country star had before. Released on September 21, 2020, the song was written by Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby, and the singer herself. They all had previously worked on her “Bluebird” hit single. Mirroring her current life situation, Lambert took inspiration from her newfound romance and the thought of settling down.

Not everyone knows this, but it’s also a song full of paradoxes of wanting to do two things that are not usually put together. An example is wanting to play in different cities but craving to wake up in her own house and have breakfast there. That’s how hard it is for an artist wanting two things that are in the opposite direction. Lambert also shared that the verse “I’m a wild child and a homing pigeon” is what her mom usually says when she was a young kid.

Another fun fact about “Settling Down” is that it has a quirky start like some of Miranda Lambert’s songs. The single was actually first developed during a singer’s conversation with her bus driver about her relationship with Brendan McLoughlin, who’s now her husband. It fueled the song’s message as she’s torn between touring the country and staying at home as she’s freshly married. The couple got married last January 26, 2019, in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Many First Time For Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert’s music video for this single made her do some first times ever since her career started. It’s actually the first time the country singer had a love interest in a video. McLoughlin was her co-star who did well considering he’s not an actor but a New York Police Department police officer.

Meanwhile, it’s also the first time they shot a video on her farm. Her team decided to shoot it on her property because of the pandemic limiting mobility. It’s a good thing the result turned out better than they thought, and fans love the new concept.

You watch Miranda Lambert’s “Settling Down” official music video below.


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