November 13

Yola Carter Sings Her Heart Out in “Ride Out In The Country”

Yola Carter is dubbed by many as the ‘Queen of Country Soul,’ and there is a good reason for that. Her debut album Walk Through Fire is a collection of great country songs that is quite new to the industry. Though country soul is not necessarily a new genre, it is now being capitalized by Yola and she is putting her stamp on it.

Behind Yola Carter’s Walk Through Fire Album

The album was received really well by critics because of one thing: Yola Carter’s refreshing take on country music. The combination of two genres (soul and country) is not something that we always hear on the radio, but Yola capitalized on it. She is one of the few artists who really made a name for herself as a country-soul artist.

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Her album Walk Through Fire was written, recorded and produced at Dan Auerbach‘s Easy Eye Studio in Nashville. The rich sound of staple country music instruments is heard all throughout the album and it really captivates the heart of the listeners. The inspiration behind the album came from a heartbreaking experience, so there is that relatable factor to it.

Lyrics Breakdown

Falling out of love with you
Is not an easy thing to do
But you don’t care about me babe
Runnnin’ here is all I know
The country satisfies my soul
When I think I’m goin’ crazy
I take a ride out in the country, it’s all I can do
Where the whipper well sings a song so blue\
The line about country satisfying the soul is very true on so many levels. There is nostalgia and comfortable feeling about going back to your hometown when all things fall apart, It is a recommendation that we should all try sometimes because it does work. You see people that you grew up with and you know that these people have your back always.

Listen to Yola Carter’s song here:


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