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Trace Adkins’ ‘Just the Way We Do It’ Won’t Let You Spoil the Fun


Grab those ropers that has been stuck in your home since lockdown because you would be dancing to this Cajun-inspired revelry single by Trace Adkins. Get ready to add ‘Just the Way We Do It’ on your playlists and revive that country spirit because we’re going to have a ton of fun to relieve stress and anxiety during this health crisis.

It’s Not About Culture

Trace Adkins really knew the way to go as he was an experienced country artist who knows exactly how to give his audience the proper dose of dopamine through his music.

In an interview, he explained that in Tennessee where he was a native, Cajun-theme music isn’t that much of a banger so he could’ve never considered it to be the theme of his latest single. But as an entertainer who would go to festivals where he sees folks entertain people for a living, his experiences and exposure on different types of music culture opened his mind to the beauty of several music genres. In his heart, that is what he considers home.

Its Not About Age

As a 58-year old performer, it’s surprising that his style really isn’t behind the times. He rocks and entertains the sons and daughters of his original fans yet still receives the same level of enthusiasm. The answer? He is a veteran artist who does not know how to stop even amidst a global crisis and retirement coming his way. He has no time to feel sorry for himself but would rather channel his energy in creating fun-themed music.

It’s About Not Spoiling the Fun

This level of positivity not only brought us the song ‘Just the Way We Do It’ Adkins got kids and grandkids and when the time comes for him to bid goodbye to his music contract, he said that he would just go with the flow and play along. A person can still create songs without a contract and as a veteran artist, Adkins will just waltz around and have fun.

‘Just the Way We Do It’ is indeed really just a simple song that really depicts that ‘country-feel’ and its artist. Trace Adkins taught us that having fun is not about the culture or age. Its about learning to appreciate what you’ve had and will have next in life.

So let go of your inhibitions and groove to ‘Just the Way We Do It’! Watch out for this single which will be included in Adkin’s upcoming EP titled ‘Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy’ bound fo release on October 16 by Verge Records.