November 19

Jon Langston’s ‘Happy Ever After’ and Takeover Playlist is the Ultimate Moving On Guide

There’s really something else when artists try to create a story whenever they make songs. But unlike most artists, Jon Langston has quite a different approach instead of making an album. Somehow, it’s quite successful as many of his listeners appreciate what he does.

His strategy? To create a take-over playlist to give his single an extra kick. It’s like one of these mix-n’-match things in a dollar store, but this one he calls “Happy Ever After” plays with songs and promises a guaranteed heart mending session.

Creating a Plotline

For a take-over playlist to work, instead of covering all songs yourself and including them in your next album, he simply picks songs from other artists to complement his current single.  With the release of  Jon Langston’s ‘Happy Ever After,’ people would surely want more. Borrowing songs from renowned artists like Cole Swindell and Kelly Clarkson, Langston was able to transform his playlist into a long but heartful storytelling session.

Co-written by Blake Bollinger and Brent Anderson, “Happy Ever After” was inspired by experiences from past relationships. Getting over a breakup is a painful process, but this song still encourages listeners to stop pulling their feet and move on with their lives. Aside from ‘Ain’t Worth the Whiskey’ and ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Cole Swindell and Kelly Clarkson, notable singles from HARDY’s ‘Boots’ and Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry not Sorry’ are included in the take-over playlist made by Langston.

Langston’s Big Reveal

‘Happy Ever After’ is a phrase that we usually hear or read in love stories.  Langston’s co-writers purposely made it that way as a hook, but then transitions to the other side of the story. For Langdon, the playlist totally works for him. Several months ago, he was also going through a break-up.

Now, eight months after he released ‘Drinks,’ a single putting in fun in drinking, comes a new version of Jon Langston. He’s now fully sober and back on his feet. Still in the process of mending his broken heart, he was not quite ready to get on a full-blown committed relationship. 

Nonetheless, Jon Langston and his friends are positive that his current girlfriend will really become his happy ever after. For starters, he and his girlfriend welcomed their first child, Magnolia May in November. As a father, it’s time for Langston to really leave the past and to look forward to an amazing future and experiences  with his soon-to-be wife and their daughter.

From us, Congratulations!


Jon Langston

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