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July 30, 2019


July 30, 2019


July 30, 2019

“It Matters To Me”

This is a classic song from the ’90s written by American country music songwriters Ed Hill and Mark Sanders. Faith Hill recorded the song and was released on November 1995 as the third single from her album, It Matters To Me. This song became Hill’s third number one hit on the Billboard country chart, and her first song to enter the Hot 100 chart.

Her album, It Matters To Me was released under Warner Records. Upon its release, it immediately sold millions of copies nationwide, becoming it as a Certified Multi-Platinum awarded by the RIAA. This album had produced five hit singles to enter the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts namely “Let’s Go To Vegas,” “It Matters To Me,” “Someone Else’s Dream,” “You Can’t Lose Me,” and “I Can’t Do That Anymore.”

 About the Song

 Baby tell me where’d you ever learn

To fight without sayin’ a word

Then waltz back into my life

Like it’s all gonna be alright

Don’t you know how much it hurts

 The song “It Matters To Me” has a harmonious sound and a wonderful message behind it. It shows how the narrator deeply falls in love with someone.

 Just like in real life, the more we fall in love with someone the more we get interested in his/her life. In a relationship, we experience having misunderstandings that sometimes lead us to breakups. Breakups happen when we choose to save the argument rather than the relationship and person. We tend to forget the first reason why we entered the relationship because of greediness.

It does not mean that if we are already in a relationship, we already own our partner. Let them do the things they want because if they really value the relationship, they will never do things that will destroy it.

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