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Let Us All Get “Back in the Saddle Again” with this Gene Autry Classic


Gene Autry is described by many as The Singing Cowboy. It became evident with his song “Back in the Saddle Again.” It was first released by Ray Whitley for the 1938 movie Border G-man. Whitley had written and introduced it with his group The Six Bar Cowboys.

gene autry, saddle
via Screengrab from Youtube

How Gene Autry Got a Hold of the Song

The song did not make a buzz at first. But then, it caught the ears of Autry who “relished the idea of getting back on a trusty horse and ridin’ the range, totin’ an old 44.” Of course, Autry had to rearrange the tune to make his own twist to it.

gene autry, saddle
via Screen frame from Youtube

This became Gene Autry’s second gold record. He cut the song twice for his radio program Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch and his television show The Gene Autry Show.

Later on, Whitley told David Rothel the inspiration of the song. It was actually about doing something that you missed doing. Thus, the title ‘Back in the Saddle Again. It was a comparison to the situation of Gene Autry going back to recording a song once again.

“Back in The Saddle Again” Lyrics Breakdown

I’m back in the saddle again
Out where a friend is a friend

The song is quintessential country music back in the days. The track has a simple tune and melody but its mellow vibe is soothing to the ears.

gene autry, saddle
via Screengrab from Youtube

It is a wholesome cowboy song where someone just genuinely wants to ride a horse once again. This Gene Autry classic is a must if you want to listen to traditional country music.

It is sad that the instruments that are used are rarely heard nowadays. I guess this is why a lot of people are complaining about the new approach of country today. They sound more like pop music instead of the type of country that we used to hear.

Listen to the song here.

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