December 19, 2023

Lady A Channels Inner Shania Twain For “You’re Still The One” Rendition

In 2017, country music trio Lady A returned after a year off with the You Look Good World Tour to support their seventh studio album, Heartbreak. For their setlist, aside from their original Lady A songs, they also gifted fans with covers, including Shania Twain’s classic track “You’re Still The One.”

Lady A’s version of the song is one cover that deserves a spot in your romantic playlist rotation. They nailed the song in their own style – and the queen herself, Shania Twain, who was in attendance at their Toronto stop (at the Budweiser Stage), gave her applause of approval. 

In fact, before the trio headed to perform, they had a short but sweet chat backstage with Twain and her husband, Frédéric Thiébaud. During their talk, all of them looked so excited about the performance.

Looks Like We Made It

For their very special 12th song of the night, Dave Haywood, who was on the piano, opened with a quick shoutout to Shania Twain and encouraged fans to sing along to the song if they knew it. He then smoothly played the iconic intro, with Hillary Scott taking the first part of the song. When the chorus hit, Charles Kelley joined Scott with his husky, deep voice harmonizing with Scott’s sweet vocals, adding a new flavor to the cover. 

The crowd sang their hearts along with them, including a smiling Twain. Kelsea Ballerini, Lady A’s opening act for the night, stood beside Twain and softly sang along with everyone. On the other hand, Lange didn’t want to forget the whole thing and recorded his wife, the crowd, and Lady A. 

Kelley then took over the second part and dueted again in the chorus. Before they hit the final part, they gave way for a guitar solo. The original single version was remixed to sound less country and earn a bigger audience as a crossover hit, but Lady A was all-in country. It was definitely refreshing to hear the song in that stripped-down style. Twain and Ballerini also looked pleasantly surprised when the guitar was whipped out. 

The performance ended with a resounding applause. As one commenter said, “The best compliment this rendition can be given is Shania’s reaction….. She is so into it.”

Catch Lady A’s “You’re Still The One” live performance in the video below. 


Lady A, Shania Twain

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