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February 14, 2021


February 14, 2021


February 14, 2021

It feels like it was just yesterday when Scotty McCreery won American Idol in 2011. Today, the North Carolina native is a full-fledged country star and a loving husband to his wife, Gabi Dugal! 

Scotty McCreery married Gabi Dugal in the North Carolina mountains in 2018 after dating for six years. Let’s get to know more about the gorgeous brunette below.

1. She’s also a North Carolina native.

Gabi was born and raised in the Wake County town of Garner, North Carolina, United States, on April 9, 1994.

2. She met Scotty in Kindergarten.

Scotty and Gabi have actually known each other their whole lives. The two attended the same schools, from elementary to high school.

Interestingly, it seems like Gabi has predicted that she would one day marry the country superstar. She admitted to writing “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” in her diary with hearts all over it when she was just a kid.

3. She loves the outdoors.

Scotty and Gabi would often frequent the outdoors, especially the one located near the famous Grandfather Mountain. In fact, that’s how the country superstar found his engagement proposal spot.

While looking for a waterfall, the couple got lost and decided to proceed to the next trail map and see where it would take them. But instead, they ended up into those beautiful cliffs – which eventually became their spot every time they went to the mountains.

4. She worked as a nurse.

Gabi graduated from the University of North Carolina and worked as a nurse at Duke University Hospital – from pediatric cardiac intensive care unit to pediatric bone marrow unit.

“She works hard — she’s a nurse — I mean, she’s doing the hard stuff. I get to sing for a living, but she’s really changing lives,” the singer said. However, in March 2020, Scotty McCreery’s spouse left her position in the hospital and is currently seeing where her nursing career would take her next.

5. She’s Scotty’s “inspiration behind every love song.”

Gabi may not be in the music business, but she’s a huge asset to Scotty’s career, being the inspiration to most of the American Idol alum’s love songs.

In fact, Scotty co-wrote “This Is It” – the second single from his 2018 album Seasons Change – with Gabi in mind. He finished the song two weeks before he proposed to Gabi.

6. She’s appeared in some of Scotty’s music videos.

If you think Gabi looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her in some of Scotty’s music videos, such as “The Trouble With Girls,” “Feelin’ It,” and “Five More Minutes.” The couple’s wedding was also featured on the music video of “This Is It.”

7. She’s not comfortable being in the limelight.

Though she would go to the red carpet with Scotty from time to time, Gabi won’t do pictures. She would rather watch her husband from a distance.

8. She’s loved by Scotty’s fans.

It turns out Scotty is not the only one who likes Gabi. The singer revealed that his fans instantly embraced the love of his life the moment they knew that they were dating. In fact, when Gabi graduated college, Scotty’s fans showered her with gifts.

9. She’s annoyed with Scotty’s one habit.

Now that the pair is all settled into their first home together in Raleigh, North Carolina, the newlywed is learning more about each other – including the bad ones.

Scotty revealed that he has one household habit that Gabi is not a big fan of, and that’s when he leaves his clothes on the floor like what he has always done for his entire life.

10. She’s been very supportive of her husband.

Scotty said that Gabi is the biggest joy of her life, serving as his rock and grounding force.

“She’s a very strong, independent woman and don’t put up with no crap. She’s kept me on my toes,” Scotty said. “She loves to work, and it’s not just all about what I’m doing in music. I support her dreams, and she supports mine.”


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