January 10

Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson’s First Duet Together

Let’s take a step back into the past and watch one of Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton’s classic performances on a TV show in the ’80s. This show featured other country singers such as Kris Kristofferson and Brenda Lee, whom Nelson and Parton collaborated with for the album The Winning Hand. In addition, the show was hosted by Johnny Cash.

The Album, The Winning Hand

Nelson was Parton’s first singer to record a duet with after her collaboration with Porter Wagoner. In 1982, when Parton was already a rising solo country artist, she worked with Nelson, Lee, and Kristofferson for the album The Winning Hand. The album was released under the Monument Records. It contained twenty-one songs that comprised a total of one hour. The album reached number four on the Billboard Top Country albums chart. In addition, the song placed at number one hundred nine on the Billboard 200 chart.

Two songs from the album entered the country chart (“You’re Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning” and “Everything’s Beautiful (In Its Own Way)”).

Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson’s “Everything’s Beautiful (In Its Own Way)”

In 1967, Parton wrote the song “Everything’s Beautiful (In Its Own Way).”  However, it wasn’t released by her record label. The song was finally released in 1982, when she recorded the song with Willie Nelson. It entered the Billboard Country chart at number seven. Furthermore, it crossed over to the pop chart at one hundred two and secured a spot on the Adult Contemporary chart at number nineteen.

Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton
Photo Credit: Daily News

The Video

The two performed the song together on a TV Show. In the video below, Parton and Nelson were surrounded with children painting. Each singer entered the stage with a child in their hand. The two were seen in their signature looks, Parton with her blonde hair all tied up, and Nelson wearing his red bandana on his head.

Watch this amazing duet from two great country singers.



Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson

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