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Marty Robbins “Crying Time” Will Absolutely Have You Weeping Along With Him

Marty Robbins Crying Time

The Country Music Hall of Fame dubbed Marty Robbins as the genre’s “Renaissance Man,” who achieved success not only as a recording artist, songwriter, and performer but also as an actor, author, and stock car racer. He was as versatile as his baritone voice, which enabled him to sing and cover just about anything. One of the most memorable renditions of his career was Buck Owens’ original, popularized by R&B singer Ray Charles and titled “Crying Time.”

Marty Robbins’ Rendition

Marty Robbins recorded a wide array of songs, crossing over different genres, in his career, and he always knew how to deliver them. An underrated fan-favorite among his songs would be his rendition of  the heartbreaking ballad “Crying Time.”

His flair for storytelling gave that ease to the tune, allowing listeners to really get into the song and visualize it as the scenes unfold. That was also probably why he decided to open with the first verse instead of doing the impactful chorus first, just like Owens did. 

That way, it follows the classic story structure, starting from the exposition (laying out the situation of how much he loved her) before going into the rising action (his lover leaving him) and then into the climax (hearing that she had found someone else). And finally, the end arrived – which was accepting the situation and letting his heart pour out everything it was feeling. 

His versatile baritone captured the depth of heartbreak and pain of the track, which told the story of a love that ultimately grew apart and found someone else. He didn’t even need to add any fancy touches to the song. It was just his voice, the piano, and some backing vocals – that was it. 

To summarize, listening to him sing the Buck Owens track was a whole experience. 

So, if you want to experience it, too, all you need to do is hit that play button in the video below. Enjoy Marty Robbins’ “Crying Time” and this list of Marty Robbins songs that we guarantee would be great additions to your playlist.

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