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March 4, 2024


March 4, 2024


March 4, 2024

A song lamenting the inevitable separation of two people, Buck Owens’ “Crying Time” was a classic piece of country music. Written by Owens himself and released back in 1964 as the B side to their chart-topping hit “I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail,” the song captured the painful feeling of seeing your lover growing apart from you and eventually leaving you. It’s absolutely a different level of heartbreak. 

Unfortunately, the song didn’t earn commercial success until it was covered by R&B singer Ray Charles. Charles’ rendition catapulted it to stardom, almost breaching the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 and winning him two Grammy awards. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“Crying Time,” penned by Buck Owens and produced by Sid Feller under ABC-Paramount Records, gut-punched listeners so hard in just two minutes and fifty-three seconds. 

The track unconventionally started with a chorus, as most country songs typically open with a verse. According to hit country tunesmith Shane Minor in his 2014 interview with Rolling Stone on rules for writing a country hit, that structure was unheard of then. Nevertheless, he liked it, and rules were meant to be broken. 

And it definitely worked for this song. Owens sang, “Oh, it’s crying time again, you’re gonna leave me / I can see that faraway look in your eye.” He then continued that he could also tell by the way his lover held him that it wouldn’t be long. 

He then proceeds to the first verse, singing how much he loved her – that it could only grow stronger even if he lived to be a hundred years old. After that, it felt like he was once again overcome by the feeling of pain in the realization that despite their best efforts, it wouldn’t change anything between them. 

Then, in the second verse, he really felt the punch to the gut when his lover confessed that she had found someone she loved better. He still tried to hold back the tears, but he knew that once she walked out the door, they would fall hard. Sometimes, that’s just how life is. 

“Crying Time” is a classic example of Buck Owens’ heartfelt storytelling talent and his ability to convey deep emotions through his music and connect with audiences. 

Immerse yourself in the timeless storytelling of Buck Owens’ heartfelt ballad “Crying Time” in the video below. 


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