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“Devil Woman:” A Song About Trust, Temptation, and Forgiveness

Trusting someone is the most important factor in a relationship. It is needed for it to work out and make things easy. However, when someone breaks the trust that you give them, it makes it difficult to trust again. But in Marty Robbins’ song “Devil Woman,” the case is different.

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The Story of the Song

Mary, one of the characters in the song, forgave her lover despite the fact that he cheated on her. The narrator told Mary everything he has done. He felt guilty about it, and he was ready to accept his fate if Mary decides to leave him. However, she didn’t, instead, she forgave him.

I told Mary about us, told her about our great sin

Mary just cried and forgave me, Mary took me back again

She said if I wanted my freedom, I could be free evermore

But I don’t want to be and I don’t want to see Mary cry anymore.

What about you, will you forgive someone who cheated on you? Will you give them a second chance like Mary, or will you walk out of your relationship?

Marty Robbins’ “Devil Woman”

Marty Robbins wrote and recorded the song “Devil Woman” in 1962. He included this on his same-titled album. He earned another number one on the country chart because of the song. Furthermore, it crossed over to the pop chart at number sixteen.

Different Versions

“Devil Woman” has been covered by different artists and has been translated into different languages (Spanish, Serbian Language, and Chinese). It seems that the song has a powerful impact on many cultures because of the different versions created.

The Album

Robbins’ album, Devil Woman, wasn’t able to enter the country albums chart. However, it has secured a spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Check out Marty Robbins’ single about trust, temptation, and forgiveness in “Devil Woman.”


Devil Woman, Marty Robbins

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