June 19

Doug Stone Celebrates His 63rd Birthday Today!

First of all, we would like to greet, Doug Stone, A Happy Birthday! Birthdays only come once in a year. It is a celebration where families, friends, and relatives make an effort to make this day a memorable one. Some celebrations are held in churches, homes, malls, or resorts but whatever celebration you have, the most important thing is to celebrate with the people whom you love. Nowadays, giving a material thing to someone does not matter much because what counts is your presence and the eagerness to be with that person on his/her special day. Time is the most valuable thing you could give someone. So now, let us take a look at our birthday celebrator’s life and works.

Doug Stone’s Life

Doug Stone's Birthday
Photo Credit: Doug Stone/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Born as Douglas Jackson Brooks, who is raised in Marietta, Georgia. His mother was Loretta Lynn, who is also a country music artist. In addition, his mother had taught him how to play guitar during his early age. However, his parents got divorced so he resided with his father. He started singing in local clubs and became a member of a band named the short-lived trio. In addition, Stone built his own recording studio in his house while performing in local clubs.

While singing at a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, he has been discovered by a record label manager. He asked Stone to make him a demo and later sent it to Epic Records. The Epic Records’ producer was Bob Montgomery. Stone recorded his first song under the name Doug Stone. Stone signed his contract with Epic Records in the year 1989.

“In a Different Light”

Doug Stone, In a Different Light
Photo Credit: Doug Stone/ youtube.com by Screengrab

It is one of the songs recorded by Stone. This song was originally written by American songwriters Dickey Lee, Bob McDill, and Bucky Jones and was produced by American record producer Doug Johnson.

In a Different Light” was released in February 1991 as a single from Stone’s album, Doug Stone. Upon its release, the song became a hit in the United States and Canada, which is considered as one of the successful songs on Stone’s career.

On the other hand, this song is about a man who sees the beauty inside of his female co-worker. The female that has been admiring, is not a typical girl seen in the business industry wearing heavy makeup and formal business attire. She is considered as a simple girl who wears a simple business suit. Moreover, the female considered her male co-worker as someone who lacks interest in every woman he met. Without knowing that the man really admires her personality and looks.

This song would show that you do not need to impress other people by the way you dress or how you look. Instead, the best asset that you could have is being who you are and having a good personality towards the other people.

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Douglas Stone

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