September 27

Doug Stone Fantasizes Seeing a Lady “In a Different Light”

Each individual possesses a distinct beauty. That’s a given. The Bible says that God created human beings in His own image and likeness. Therefore, we’re all beautiful in the eyes of God. However, human imperfection and varying preferences largely affect their perception of beauty. Hence, the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” was coined.

Today’s featured song is kind of different from the country love songs that we’ve commonly heard of. Its theme was anchored on the saying about exquisiteness. As the title goes, “In a Different Light” is a song that explores the sighting of someone’s beauty that oftentimes goes unnoticed.

The Story within the Song

“In a Different Light” has a plot that’s commonly seen in romantic novels. The setting was in the office and the characters are co-workers. The narrator-protagonist begins by stating the daily scene in the workplace each time he sees the main female character. He went on to describe her old-style get-up, typical of a conservative woman working an office job. Her prim and proper look oftentimes overshadowed her youthful appearance. Because of this, most of her male co-workers failed to notice and appreciate the beauty she’s hiding. But, thanks to the narrator who went an extra mile just to see her unseen splendor.

For a moment, the narrator fell into a deep fantasy and the next thing that happened was a fairytale-like scene. He specifies the magnificence that conquered his fancy in the chorus.

And I see you / In a different light
Your hair falling down / With love in your eyes
In my mind / You’re a beautiful sight
I see you in a different light
Just the way I saw you last night

When he gets back to reality, he continues narrating the usual scenario at work where other girls get noticed by the men except her. Yet, he emphasizes that there’s something about her they just don’t know. And even if she’s not their type, he doesn’t mind at all because he sees her in a different light.

A Few Facts of the Song

The beautiful lyrics to the song were penned by Bob McDill, Dickey Lee, and Bucky Jones. Doug Stone’s recording was released as a single on his self-titled album in February 1991. The song became a smash hit both in the US and Canada. It also gave Stone his first No. 1 single on the country chart.

Listen to Stone’s recording of “In a Different Light” below

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Doug Stone, Hidden Beauty, In a Different Light

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