April 25

Producer Diplo Has an All-Star Country Collaborations Planned

Coming in as Thomas Wesley Pentz, DJ and music producer Diplo plans on dipping his fingers into country music and will release an album slated with an all-star cast.

Cam, Diplo, So Long
via Diplo’s Official Facebook Page

The album is called ‘Thomas Wesley.’ And, according to what he told Variety, he’s already talking with heavy country power hitters like Thomas Rhett, Zac Brown, and Sam Hunt. The DJ also made friends with country star Sturgil Simpson, and he hopes to create country music with the same energy that he has.

Cam, Diplo, So Long
via Stereogum

However, Diplo admitted that it wasn’t easy to penetrate the close-knit country music scene.

“It’s actually a hard thing to get some of these guys to take a chance, because country’s such an insular community, but I’m trying to do something a little bit different with the songwriting just trying to experiment, y’know?”

But, we gotta credit a guy’s tenacity, right? We already got the first taste of his album on the 24th of April when he released his collaboration with Cam called ‘So Long.’

Diplo Collaborates with Cam

Country music is collaborating left and right! Now, Diplo starts off his all-star country collaborations with country darling Cam.

Cam, Diplo, So Long
via Cam’s Official Facebook Page

Now, he’s released his first country song called “So Long.” It incorporates Diplo’s signature computer wobbles into a traditional country song. The chill format of the song provides just enough wiggle room for the DJ to play with, while still maintaining the country twang vibe.

“So Long” is a patient, drawn-out love story born from unrequited feelings that Cam seamlessly navigates through. And, she does that while she takes us on the journey too.  Check out some of Cam’s chorus below.

I know you’re fine doing life on your own

But that doesn’t mean you should spend it alone

Cause boy you’ve been flying solo for so long

But I think it’s time to give your heart, Your heart what it wants

The song also provides more depth than a regular pop song with a catchy hook. The lyrics are satisfying, and it provides the backbone for any country song: a story that touches your heart.

Listen to the track below!



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