Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson Cover Their Famous Fathers


Arden Lambert


April 12, 2021


April 12, 2021


April 12, 2021

Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson – the sons of country legends Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings – proved the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when they teamed up to cover a song their fathers originally made famous of.

Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson recorded the iconic song “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” for the Netflix series called The Ranch – where it was used as the sitcom’s theme song.

The country classic was written by Patsy Bruce – whose husband, Ed Bruce, was the first to record the song. It tells the tale of a man warning the mothers not to let their kids live the tough and nomadic life of a cowboy. Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings released the outlaw classic in 1978 for their duet album Waylon & Willie. And their rendition reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs

Several years later, it is Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson’s time to shine! Shooter revealed that he and Lukas had a great time while recording the song. With their undeniable talents, the two singers were able to create an alternate rhythm that tweaks the vibe a little bit from the original — allowing them to make the song like their own. Shooter also added that their fathers are their number one fans. Hence, Shooter couldn’t be more proud to have such an opportunity to sing this iconic song – most especially that he’s singing it with Lukas, whom he considers as his brother.

Willie Nelson’s son echoed the same sentiments and said that if he would be given a chance to do it again; he would love to do so many times.

Well, this isn’t actually the first time the outlaws’ children have collaborated. Shooter and Lukas have toured together prior to the release of the song. They’ve shared the stage to perform – not only the songs by their fathers but as well as their own material.

Indeed, the magic whenever Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson conquer the center stage together persevered through their sons, Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson. Listen to their official soundtrack below.


Lukas Nelson, Shooter Jennings



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