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“The Girl You Think I Am” is Carrie Underwood’s Song for Her No. 1 Fan, Her Dad

Carrie Marie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983 in Checotah, Oklahoma. She is the youngest in the family with two older sisters, Stephanie and Shanna. Her parents are Carole Underwood and Steven Underwood.

Underwood was born in a Christian family and was raised in their farm in Checotah, a rural town. This contributed to her love for animals. Her father used to work as a sawmill operator and her mother worked as an elementary school teacher.

At an early age of 5, being extremely hyperactive, she was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had to take medication even to this day. Despite this fact, she still enjoyed her life. According to Underwood, her childhood was full of happiness and with the wonderful simplicity of life.

Underwood’s Unparalleled Legacy

Before she started her career in music, she was a Mass Communication graduate at the North-eastern State University in Talequah, Oklahoma. Underwood singing background started in their local church. Whe she decided to pursue that as a career, her family has always been there to support her. In 2005, she won in the fourth season of American Idol.

The song “Some Hearts” was her debut album and was also released in the same year. Her songs “Jesus Take the wheel” and “Before He Cheats” became also the best-selling solo female debut album in the history of country music. These songs are the fastest selling debut country album in Nielsan Soundscan history and became the best-selling country album for the last 14 years. She won three Grammy Awards for the album as well as the Best New Artist award.

With the support of her family, she started to build her own legacy in music. Some of the titles that she had further earned are “Biggest American Idol Earner of All Time”, “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian”, Country’s Music Reigning Queen” and “The Female Vocalist of Her Generation in Any Genre”

Writing Songs for Her Parents

Underwood was known to be family oriented and a daddy’s girl. She is very affectionate with her parents and she deeply cares for them. She and her mother are both big fans of the writer Stephen King. In 2010, she released a song which she has co-written titled “Mama’s Song.” The song tells her mother that she does not need to worry as she moves on through life. “Mama’s Song” hit number two on the Billboard country charts.

Her father, on the other hand, is her number one supporter even before she became famous. Being her number one fan, she shares a special bond with him. No matter the controversy she’s involved in, her father would always stand with her. Thus, making Underwood admire and respect her father more.

In one of her interviews, she shared one memory about her father. When she was 14 years old, a boy in her class teased her because of her make-up. Even without knowing about the incident, her father said that she’s really pretty with make up on. Her father’s words outweighed that of the boy’s and it made her day. So as tribute to her father, Underwood co-wrote “The Girl You think I Am.”

Another Father’s Song for Her Hubby Maybe?

Aside from being a family-oriented person, she is also a devoted wife and mother to her children. Before they got hitched, Underwood was starting to dominate the charts of country music while her husband, Mike Andrew Fisher, was also making his name in the field of sports in ice hockey. He plays as a center for the Nashville Predators of National Hockey League (NHL). He was born on June 5, 1980 and grew up in Peterborough, Canada where he first fell in love with hockey. Apart from being a hockey player, he is also a devoted Christian.

The relationship between Carrie and Mike began through long-distance dating which consisted of regular phone calls before they met in person after three months. After almost two years of dating, they decided to tie the knot. They got married on July 10, 2010 at Ritz- Carlton resort on Lake Oconee, Georgia. Five years in their marriage, they were blessed with their first son, Isaiah Michael Fisher born on February 27, 2015. After almost four years, Carrie gave birth to their second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher on January 21, 2019.


Carrie Underwood

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