February 22

Lydia Loveless Speaks About Sexual Misconduct in the Biz

Lydia Loveless has already shared her experiences about sexual misconduct. Now, she speaks candidly about how almost every woman in the biz may experience it.

Sexual Misconduct, Lydia Loveless
via Lydia Loveless Official Facebook Page

She hinted about her abuse in a Twitter response but elaborated her experiences further in a lengthy Instagram post.

“I feel like I’m going to break into a million pieces and this was hard to write. However I made an angry tweet yesterday and felt this was necessary. I know it’s going to cause problems for myself and a lot of other people but I am tired of carrying it around.”

Bloodshot co-president was quick to respond to Lydia’s allegations on Bloodshot Records’ Official Facebook Page.

“I apologize for any hell or even awkwardness I put Lydia or anyone through, due to my actions or inactions. No one, and especially no one within the Bloodshot community, should ever have to tolerate sexual harassment; feeling safe and comfortable should be your right.”

Lydia Loveless and Sexual Misconduct in the Music Industry

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she shared about her feelings about how Bloodshot Records handled the situation, to how every woman in the business has or might experience the same brand of sexual misconduct.

Lydia Loveless, Sexual Misconduct
via Lydia Loveless Official Facebook Page

Loveless shared about her experiences starting since the beginning that she met Panick. He had made her and the band uncomfortable, but she had shrugged it off because she “had dealt with so much discomfort in her life, it felt like business as usual.” She was also keen on expressing that the music industry and society in general “is based around women staying quiet.” It shed light on the difficult life that women endure and constantly live in.

“There is no protection for musicians. There is nothing in place for women to go to their jobs. You just have to float along in the sea of what, in any other career, would be absolutely stomped out of existence. It’s not fair that musicians, particularly females, have to say, “Oh, that’s just something I have to put up with every day when I go to my job.”

Loveless talks about what she was planning to do, moving forward from the situation. She hopes to go back to talking about music and making more. And that she hopes for an equal even playing ground for both men and women in the industry.


Lydia Loveless

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