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Dustin Lynch Songs Are Bringing In Modern Energy To Country Music

When Dustin Lynch entered the country music scene in 2012, he brought a tasteful sense of modern energy that received endless love and warmth from its listeners – and the singer has since become an overnight sensation. In fact, in his relatively short career, several of Dustin Lynch songs immediately topped the Country Airplay chart, with three of those coming from his sophomore album.

Today, Dustin Lynch has made himself one of the hottest rising stars in the world of country music. 

But unlike most of the modern country musicians, the Tennessee native wears his cowboy hat proudly and endlessly raves about the genre’s “Class of ’89” that produced hits from George Strait, Clint Black, and Garth Brooks. And it’s those traditions along with his musical style that make him a huge part of country music’s future. 

Keep on scrolling below for some of his best hits so far.

1. “Cowboys and Angels”

From: Dustin Lynch (2012)

Released as his debut single, “Cowboys and Angels” instantly put Lynch on the map, as it reached No. 2 on both Billboard’s Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts. And it didn’t stop there as it achieved modest crossover success, peaking at No. 40 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

At the end of the year, the song was certified Platinum for selling more than a million units.

2. “Small Town Boy”

From: Current Mood (2017)

The love song showcases a country storyline about a guy who fell in love with a woman who could have any man she wants – but chooses him. Though not self-written, Lynch said “Small Town Boy” is autobiographical, as he grew up in the small town of Tullahoma, Tennessee.

3. “Where It’s At”

From: Where It’s At (2014)

Lynch earned his first No. 1 single on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, thanks to “Where It’s At,” which was released as the first single from his sophomore album of the same name.

4. “Good Girl”

From: Tullahoma (2020)

The country star shows his flirty side in “Good Girl” – which also ranked No. 1 on Billboard Country Airplay chart – as he sings about finding his dream girl who makes life the greatest.

5. “Hell of a Night”

From: Where It’s At (2014)

This song about a man having a good time has since become a staple to Lynch’s live shows. “We bring a rockin’ party every night, and that’s what the song is about,” the singer explained.

6. “Seein’ Red”

From: Current Mood (2016)

Lynch convincingly takes listeners on the thrilling ride with him in this seductive and sultry jam, which he said: “makes me want to dance on somebody.”

7. “Mind Reader”

From: Where It’s At (2014)

Lynch’s third consecutive single to top the Country Airplay chart, “Mind Reader,” pays tribute to an intuitive woman. It was co-written by Rhett Atkins, who revealed that the song was inspired by a woman he briefly dated.

8. “Wild in Your Smile”

From: Dustin Lynch (2012)

The mellow tune about a mysterious girl who likes walking on the wild side continued to help set Lynch apart from the country pack. It’s the first single by the country crooner to be co-written by Rhett Akins.

9. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”

From: Current Mood (2016)

The stripped-down ballad has Lynch making a fuss about not knowing where he and a woman stand in their relationship. Having Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild made the already impressive ballad even more spectacular.

10. “Thinking ‘Bout You”

From: Tullahoma (2020)

Lynch teams up with Lauren Alaina for a phone conversation between two exes reminiscing about some of the good times they had together in “Thinking ‘Bout You.”

11. “Not Every Cowboy”

From: Tullahoma (2020)

The country star tries to shake off the perception that a cowboy always rides solo in this romantic ballad where he does his best to convince his love interest that he’s tamed his wild-stallion ways. 

With Lynch’s tender vocal blended with gentle fiddles and stripped-down acoustic guitars, it’s safe to assume that she will believe what he’s singing.

12. “Pasadena”

From: Tullahoma (2020) 

Meanwhile, Lynch took a nostalgic trip to the other end of the emotional spectrum as he relived memories of a love that had come and gone. Like most stories about the one who got away, Lynch can’t get his former lover out of his head.

13. “Little Town Livin'”

From: Tullahoma (2020)

Lynch revisits wanting nothing more than what he has in “Little Town Livin’,” which finds the singer occasionally rapping to a backbeat of Gospel handclaps.

14. “Momma’s House”

From: Tullahoma (2020)

Here’s a song a lot would surely relate to. “Momma’s House,” tells the story of a man going through a painful breakup that he wants to torch his hometown as every street and every corner reminds him of her.

15. “I’d Be Jealous Too”

From: Current Mood (2017)

Lynch delves into new territory with pop and R&B influences and even took a couple of hints from EDM in “I’d Be Jealous Too,” which is about “being with your significant other and noticing other people notice them,” Lynch said, adding that it’s something he felt before.

Dustin Lynch Songs Only Show That A Prosperous Career Was Looming

With his southern charm and musical talent, it’s no longer a surprise how fast Dustin Lynch has become one of the most successful young country artists. Here are his other songs that you need to check out.

  • “Ridin’ Roads”
  • “She Cranks My Tractor”
  • “Here We Come”
  • “Sun Don’t Go Down On That”
  • “Why Not Tonight”
  • “Why We Call Each Other”
  • “Middle of Nowhere”
  • “She Wants a Cowboy”
  • “What You Wanna Hear”
  • “Your Daddy’s Boots”

Indeed, these Dustin Lynch songs tell us there’s more in store for this young country star.


Dustin Lynch

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