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July 10, 2019


July 10, 2019


July 10, 2019

The reason why we worship God is to ask his guidance and power. During a battle, troops have the bravest hearts to defeat enemies because they know that they have God in their hearts. Though many have been challenged to join the army, only a few are chosen to be one. The reason is that they did not put God as their top priority and fear took over.

Honestly, there is no better honor to see marines worshipping because no one can beat our Almighty Father. In this article, I will be showing how our marines show their dedication to God.

“10,000 Reasons” Marine Worship

10 000 reasons marine worship
Via by Screengrab

Troops of US Marines from the School of Infantry-East has been featured singing the worship song “10,000 Reasons” to God. These marines have been singing praises to the Lord to offer their ultimate salute to God.

School of Infantry offers help during the second stage of initial military training after being recruited. Aside from infantry training and combats, SOI also managed to allocate the wellness of its trainees. Not only that, but they also conduct weekly worship services and bible studies.

The marines sing “10,000 Reasons” to the Lord while putting their hands up. This only shows that in every battle they have encountered, they still put God in their hearts. As what other people say, no one beats a man who has God in his heart.

This video uploaded on Facebook was taken during one of their weekly worship services. So far, they have accumulated millions of viewers who watched their video and left heartwarming comments.

One of those was:

“Thanks for sharing this, what a beautiful sight to see our strongest of men in the country STANDING STRONG FOR OUR SAVIOR, JESUS,”

The Song “10,000 Reasons”

“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” is a worship song written by  Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin. Redman has first recorded the song as a single from his album 10,000 Reasons and was released in 2011. Two years after the song was released, it won two Grammy Awards for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Song” and “Best Gospel/ Contemporary Christian Music Performance.”

10 000 reasons, Matt Redman
Via Official Facebook Page

Since the song became a country hit, Redman marked it as his Best Worship Song ever. After the success of his song, he also published a book titled “10,000 Reasons: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Thankfulness Inspired by the Worship Anthem.”

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