December 5

3-Year-Old Boy Delivers a Stunning Marine Corps Hymn

We live in a world where most of us lack patriotism in its truest sense. Every country has its own citizens to protect and serve the land where they live in. Needless to say, no matter where one is, the nation’s population is expected to be the one who will protect and fight for the country no matter what. However, the meaning of true patriotism is not only limited to fighting and dying for the nation. More than that, we can express this in many simple ways.

Take for example this young boy’s patriotic act. He is just an innocent and naive three-year-old but he shares his sincere patriotism through his talent.

In a society where most three-year-olds are working on learning their ABCs and 123s, this little boy is different as he learned the Marine Corps Hymn by heart – word for word!

Where He Learned the Song

In a story published earlier by Military Kind Stories, one toddler began picking up on the words (of the song) when his father would sing him “The Marine Corps Hymn” every night. As young as he is, he would constantly mouth the words his father is singing to him almost every day. His parents decided to film this cute phenomenon. To their surprise, it immediately went viral and they were bombarded with words of praise and good thoughts. To date, his video has already gained a massive 2 million views and it is still counting.

Fans and people who have seen the video expressed their love and support to the talented young crooner. They said that this is the start of a bright future for the patriotic boy.

Check him out here as he belts out The Marine Corps Hymn:

The Marine Corps Hymn

Tracing the roots of the hymn is somewhat foggy as it was way beyond time. However, it is widely believed that the lyrics of the song originated in the 1800s. In 1929, the Commandant of the Marine Corps officially agreed and accepted some parts of The Marine’s Hymn to be the official version of the song.

With its inclusion, the Marines then have sung the song as their hymn. Until this day, the powerful tune carries a message full of meaning and honor. Moreover, it holds a level of essence and significance that most civilians could not comprehend but understand by heart.

Here is a lyric video of the hymn:


The Marine Corps Hymn

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