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Dustin Lynch’s “Small Town Boy” and the Story Behind

dustin lynch small town boy

The best thing when listening to a song is when you instantly connect with it. You know that it really happened and that is what everyone wants when it comes to music. We want the real deal.

“Small Town Boy” Chart Performance

Dustin Lynch released “Small Town Boy” in 2017 for his album Current Mood. The song was the second single from his album. Because of its genuine honesty people instantly connect with the song. Therefore, it was able to hit the No. 2 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, “Small Town Boy” peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Country Airplay for 4 weeks. Even during the end of the year, Lynch’s song remained on the top 5 spot of the charts.

The Writing Process

When a songwriter creates something from the heart, it will always have a great impact on people who will listen to it. Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, and Kyle Fishman wrote the song while they were on the Luke Bryan Farm Tour. Akins and Hayslip both grew up in South Georgia, therefore they knew how it feels like to be a young boy growing up in the countryside. “Small Town Boy” was written with a pure honesty of how it was to be in love with a girl and how it was to be a small town boy.

When they sent the song to Lynch, he said that he instantly connected with the song. Lynch grew up in a small town called Tullahoma, Tennessee and knows how it feels like, and that’s the reason why he wants to record the song.

All About the Song

At the beginning of the song, the character sings about his life as a small town boy. He shortly described himself in a paradoxical way, such as,

“I’m a mama’s boy, I’m a fist fight
Kinda county line, kinda cold beer
Little hat down, little John Deere”


“I kinda give a damn
I kinda don’t care”

After his short description of himself, he started singing about the girl he loves. He tells how she made him feel good and what they have is that kind of love story you’ll always want to have.

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Dustin Lynch, Small Town Boy

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