January 31

Before He Cheats: Don’t Ever Mess with Carrie Underwood


Entering in a relationship is a responsibility, and you should build trust and honesty for the relationship to last. Also, you need to remember that building and earning trust is hard once it’s broken to pieces, it can never be repaired. Even more, why would a person enter a serious relationship just destroy it? Maybe I will categorize them as psychos, or they probably have a lot of insecurities or issues going on. Well, if you’re in that relationship, I’m telling you, better get out before the worst thing happens. Anyhow, some people say that they will change, and they will not cheat again. But it’s up to us to give a second chance. Bottom line is, better be faithful than sorry. With that being said, let’s listen to the hit of Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats.” And you will not want to mess with this woman.


Season Four American Idol Winner

This artist dominated the charts since her breakthrough in the music industry. Also, she pushed a lot of hits to the charts naming her one of the most successful female artists. Due to her success, she was able to sell more than 65 million records. Further, Billboard recognized her as Country Music’s Reigning Queen. Are you familiar with the hits “Cowboy Casanova,” and “Jesus Takes the Wheel?” Yep you’re right, it’s Carrie Underwood.

The Anthem of Revenge

Being cheated on is a nasty feeling that everyone avoids and of course, no one wants to feel. Anyway, if your partner cheated on you then better take a little bit of advice from Carrie Underwood. I hope you are familiar with her hit “Before He Cheats” which was released in 2006 and it stayed in the charts for 64 weeks. Well, go ahead and listen to the hit, enjoy!


Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood, Cowboy Casanova, Jesus Takes The Wheel

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