July 12

Merle Haggard Wonders How Beautiful Heaven Must Be in “What Will It Be Like” 

At some point in his life, Merle Haggard once imagined Heaven’s pure bliss in “What Will It Be Like.”

While Haggard is hardly ever mentioned in the same breath as performers like the Carter Family in the archives of gospel music, the country music legend cut a pair of gospel albums within his career that spanned six decades. This includes Cabin in the Hills, which he released in 2001.

The record features guest vocals by Haggard’s wife, Theresa, along with Bonnie Owens, Porter Wagoner, and more. It comes with twelve tracks, which are a mix of traditional numbers and new originals by Haggard that are done in a warm, modern style with elegance and plenty of raw emotion. This includes “What Will It Be Like,” where he showcased his distinctly bizarre vocal approach. 

A Place Where The Demons Can’t Hurt Us

Written by Merle Haggard himself, “What Will It Be Like” finds the country legend wondering what it’s like to enjoy the pure bliss of being in Heaven. He marvels at what it will be like being in a place where there will no longer be any sorrow and hardship, where he’d never grow old, and to be in the streets that are paved with pure gold.

He goes on giving us a glimpse of what Heaven will be like, where the demons can never harm us – making him further ponder how beautiful Heaven must be.

Indeed, it’s a departure from the prison and drinking themes that are common in Merle Haggard songs. You can listen to “What Will It Be Like” by Merle Haggard in the video below.


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