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The Voice Kids UK Contestant Sings an Adorable John Denver Classic

The Voice Kids UK just got sweeter with the performance of this young adorable kid named Shaney-Lee.

The Voice is a reality singing competition show that showcases the singing capability of contestants. Shaney-Lee then decided to pop out of nowhere and sing a country classic that you would not expect someone of his age to perform.

the voice kids uk
Shaney Lee via Screen frame from Youtube

Shaney-Lee being Young, Adorable, and Country on the Voice Kids UK

Growing up in a farm with backyard animals, this young adorable kid sure knows something about country music. And he chose a song that best describes the place he grew up in. In fact, his mom describes him as an older person trapped in a little man’s body. Before hitting the stage and hoping to get the judges to turn their chair, Shaney-Lee said:

“I’m gonna make sure number 1- Smile number 2-dance number 3-hold the microphone number 4…tap my foot.”

He then had a last-minute session with his vocal coach, Jai Ramage, to prepare his voice.

The Performance That Got Him the Turn

Ten seconds in and he already got the audience hooked with his charm. Him being young, adorable and talented showed on stage. During the chorus of this John Denver classic, one of the judges fell in love with Shaney’s voice. Well, you can’t deny that the performance was actually very cute.

the voice kids uk
via Screen frame from The Voice UK’s official Youtube account

But, being cute ain’t enough. So, the audience of The Voice Kids UK was chanting for the judges to turn and eventually, someone did. It may have been a last minute turn, but Shaney was able to get a one.

Shaney on Being A Country Fan

After his performance, the judges asked him about his love for country music. Shaney-Lee, of course, gushed about country music and how he actually wants to see Kenny Rogers. Young adorable Shaney-Lee got the whole audience laughing when he said that he arrived in the studio with a horse. Now, what would be more country than that?

After posting his performance, the video racked up 15 million views. For sure, John Denver would also be happy with how his song is still loved and performed even by the younger generations.

Watch the young and adorable Shaney-Lee as he performs a classic country song at The Voice Kids UK.


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