August 25

Miranda Lambert Revealed The Passing Of Her Beloved Dog, Thelma 

In addition to her love for music, Miranda Lambert is known for being one of the most passionate supporters of shelter animals. In fact, she has adopted several dogs herself. 

However, just like most pet owners, there comes a time when you must, heartbreakingly, say goodbye to a furry friend. Sadly, the country superstar is going through the same thing as she revealed that her beloved dog, Thelma, has passed away.

Saying Goodbye To A Sweet Companion

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On Tuesday (July 25), Miranda Lambert turned to Instagram to let fans know that she had to say goodbye to sweet Thelma – one of the two Great Pyrenees dogs she adopted eight years ago and were assigned with the vital roles of guarding over her quiet and serene farm near Nashville – which she calls her “happiest places on earth.” Lambert’s other dog’s name is Louise.

The “White Liar” singer paid tribute to Thelma through a series of adorable photos, such as pictures of Thelma alongside Louise, Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin, and the other dogs on her farm.

She then wrote in a lengthy caption the time Thelma came into her life. “May 1, 2016, I adopted 2 beautiful Great Pyrenees named Thelma and Louise,” Lambert wrote. The two dogs were actually named after the 1991 adventure road comedy-drama film Thelma & Louise.

Shen then described the idyllic life the beloved dog led as Thelma spent the last eight years of her life lounging in the barn with no fences. Thelma had the “freedom to do what she did best. Love and protect,” said Lambert.

Meanwhile, Lambert offered an update on Louise, who has retired from her farm duties and is now getting more love and snuggles from Brendan and her other pets. 

Friends And Fans Rallied Around Miranda Lambert To Support Her

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While it can be very painful to say goodbye to such lovely companions, Miranda Lambert said, “Their love is always worth it.”

Friends and fans then rushed to Lambert’s comment section, flooding her with words of support. That includes Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, who wrote “Sweet Thelma” and a brokenhearted emoji.

“How lucky are we to have friends like Thelma. I am so proud to have been part of her story,” Lambert concluded her post, also encouraging others to “love a shelter pet.”

Lambert, a longtime advocate for animal adoption, also lost her beloved dog, Waylon, in 2020 – thirteen years after she found him “abandoned, starving, and freezing nearly to death” on the side of a road in Oklahoma. 

Surely, losing a furry friend is heartbreaking. We are sending our sincere condolences to the country singer and her family. 


Miranda Lambert

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