July 13

Josh Turner Reveals “The Answer” to Whatever Question You Have

Josh Turner Reveals "The Answer" to Whatever Question You Have 1

Every forty seconds, someone asks why. There are lots of events in this world that create a mystery for humans. In our personal life alone, we’ve got thousands of questions that have been left unanswered, and we are expecting more. Perhaps the leading questions we have in store right now are: What is the purpose of my being? Will my life get better? Why do I have to be this way? For some, there may be chances of questioning the existence of God. And here, I found a song that gives the exact answer to any question you may have in mind right now.


His single “The Answer” is very sentimental for Josh Turner because it expresses his personal view on faith and life. He wrote the song with one of his best friends, Mark Narmore. They combined their love for country music and songwriting talent to come up with a compelling song, “The Answer.”

If you’re looking for somebody you can talk to
When the heartache and the troubles overcome you
There’s a man you can count on
That you can put your problems on

Time to time, we need someone to talk to, especially when we are under a gloomy weather. The sad fact, we can’t always have someone to stay right beside us and listen to our sentiments, because everybody’s got their own life to deal with.

Have you ever had that strange moment, when you feel like you are lost and got nowhere to go, and no one to run to? Frustrations just keep swallowing your system and despondency surrounds you, and you become clueless about what you must do.

You’ve got questions, you need directions
Arms to hold you for all eternity
Look no further, cause there’s no other
For a lover and an understander
Jesus is the answer

This is the time your soul desperately wants to connect with you. Maybe you have been over-compromising your spiritual life and you almost forgot to spare a second to acknowledge the One who can truly fulfill you. We may question why circumstances we don’t even deserve suddenly intrude, but these are reminders that life on this Earth will never be perfect without God.

For those who have been rolling with the tides for so long, yet they still stay on the same ground, it’s about time that you re-fuel by including Jesus in your quest this time. No more questions to ask, just bare yourself to Him, and He will take care of everything.

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Josh Turner, The Answer

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