January 18

Josh Turner’s “The Answer”: A Song About Overcoming Struggles Through God

In 2010, as part of his album Haywire, Josh Turner released probably one of his greatest hits, a gospel song titled “The Answer.” 

His fourth studio album, Haywire, is reported to have debuted at no. 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart. With over 85,000 copies sold, it is considered one of the best-selling country music albums ever. 

As a rising contemporary country music artist, Turner has been working on different topics for his songs. Although he is widely known for his seductive songs like “Your Man,” Turner shocked everyone when he proved that he could also produce amazing gospel music. 

“The Answer” is the only gospel song in his Haywire track. Some thought it would flop, but listeners were surprised at how emotional and relatable the song turned out. From its tear-jerking meaning to its catchy beat, listening to the song is a whole experience. 

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Josh Turner and Mark Narmore, the song talks about how humans tend to have so many questions about the world. Although some can find answers themselves, others need direction to find the way of life again. 

This song wants to remind us that no matter your struggle, even if you feel undeserving of forgiveness, the king up on the throne of heaven will let you know that you are not alone. 

“Jesus is the Answer,” Turner said. He is the arms that will hold us for all eternity, a lover and understander who will be our anchor in times of pain. Like how the viewers felt, Turner is also a bit sentimental listening to his work as it expresses his personal view on life and faith. 

In an interview, he revealed that when the idea of writing the song sparked up in his mind, he immediately told his closest friend, Mark Narmore, about it. Since they have strong faith in God and a love for country music, they immediately worked on the song. 

According to Turner, the song’s idea came out when he realized that the world constantly looks for the answer. The process can be tiring and confusing most of the time, yet when one finally finds what they are looking for, it is a fulfilling feeling and beyond describable. 

So, if you don’t mind tearing up a little, consider listening to Josh Turner’s “The Answer” below.


Josh Turner

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